Little Things

"Are you guys One Direction?" I asked "Yep.....Are you fans?" Niall laughed his famous laugh


1. Kelsey Ford

Hiya My names Kelsey Ford but my everybody calls me Kels

I'm 18 years old oldest age between my besties

My Birthday is December 24th

My Hair color is blonde

My eyes are blue 

~My Favs~
  Color: Blue

Animal: Giraffes 

Movie: Grease 

Movie Type: Romantic and Horror 

Singers: Cher Lloyd, Ed Sheeran, Katy Perry

Bands: One Direction, The Wanted, and Westlife

Jobs: Dance teacher, Dancer

I love One Direction so much I'm a huge directioner but if I ment them I won't go all crazy fangirl my favorite member the cute irish hottie Niall. I live in Los Angeles, Californina with my two best friends Jessica and Danielle there both directioners also. Tonight we're all suppose to have a sleepover and that is where I will tell them some exciting news which is that my mom bought us 3 tickets to London, England and I'm so excited. Well I have to go they'll be here any minute.

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