Wondering Wizard

Have to read and find out :) Please Read!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


1. Chapter One

Chapter One


Alyssa P.O.V.


As I sat at my desk I glanced around. Almost everyone was done with their tests but me. Silence overtook the room as papers bristled. I looked back down at my paper, empty except for my sad attempt at the first question. “I really should have studied,” I thought angrily to myself. I looked at my best friend,Travis, for help, but I was interrupted. Ding. The the bell rang and everyone hustled to get out of the classroom.

“Anyone not done bring your test up now!” announced Mrs.Kamrather. The students grumbled complaints as they did as they were told. As I walked up to the front of the class Travis looked at me, anxious to escape.

“Just a minute,” I whispered quietly. As I walked up to see Mrs.Kamrather I glanced back at Travis, “Don't worry Alyssa,” Travis mouthed.I walked to the front of the room. As I was about to hand my test in, I looked at it. It was completely filled in! All of my answers were filled in!  I looked around confused and handed it in. As I left the room I told Travis what had happened. “I think it was magic,” I stated.

“It couldn't have been. Magic isn't real!” Travis  exclaimed.The next day I came to school and went to class and almost forgot about what had happened the other day, until I went to my class and our tests got handed back to us, as I grabbed my paper I looked and I couldn't believe it I had gotten an A on my quiz! After class I told Travis and showed him and tried explaining to him what had happened. Like yesterday Travis didn't believe me.

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