The Secret of Svalenburg

A 15 year old girl, Elise, who lives in Svalenburg, thinks she has an ordinary life with ordinary parents. Until one day, on her sixteenth birthday, something goes wrong. Elise must find out what matters more in life, and become selfless to save her friends, and her home.


1. Svalenburg

i sigh as i gaze down at my home city, Svalenburg.  This is the place i can get away from everything, the place where i can be free, the mountains of Svalenburg, looking down at the city of Svalenburg, as a mother does her child.  Everything was peaceful and quite, yet, it felt as if there was something more that was supposed to happen or that i am supposed to do; but i don't know what.  i hear light footsteps behind me and turn to see mother's smiling face watching me from where she was standing.  

   "I thought I'd find you here.", she says with a laugh,"My little girl all grown up but with still the same hobbies and favorite spots to be.", she shakes her head in mock disappointment and we both laugh.

   "I just feel like there is something else I am supposed to do," I pause,"like i was put here for another reason, another thing i was meant to do, something big."

    "Oh honey you don't need to worry about something like that," she says trying to hide the worry that coats her voice,"You have done everything a fifteen-year-old-girl could possibly do!"

    i sigh because this is not what i wanted to hear i want her to understand me. "Mom, we both know that i'm turning sixteen in a month!  And you know what that means", i say in desperation trying to make her understand my need for the knowledge of what i need to know so desperately.

"Elise, we can't talk about this right here right now anymore," she says while looking around us as if she expects to see a bunch of helicopters or something."We have to go."

"But mom!  Why can't we ju..."



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