My Hatred for Love

Allison wished that she did not go to school with the One Direction for many reasons one was that she used to be best friend with Harry Styles that was before the fame, the second reason was that Harry has forgotten about their friendship and now he is her bully. What happens when Harry is her new roommate and she starts to develop feeling for him? What happens when they both find out that they both MUST get married?


1. School...

Allison's P.O.V. 


Ugh... Who invented the alarm clock? Well, I'm not going back to sleep so I might as well wake up. I then walk into my bathroom to get ready for school as I look in the mirror I thought to myself "Did I sleep in a bush?" As I came out the shower I went to my walk-in wardrobe and picked put my outfit. In case you are wondering how I have a walk-in closet it is because my mom passed and she left  me and my father a lot of money which was meant for me but my father insisted that we split the money. Since my school was not far away I walked to school.  Once there I saw my best friend, Alex, who is now considered my sister.

"Alli!!!" Alex screamed as I was at my locker.

"Alex, quiet down don't grab attention from the crew. The crew to be exact is One Direction who i feared because they were my worst nightmare.

"Oh please, like they would her a stud like you?" She said pointing to my new outfit that I had got for myself to celebrate my birthday. Yes it was my birthday I didn't like anyone to know because they would harass me about being born.

"So...." She said.

"What?"I said.

"Did you really think I would forget.... HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALLI" She screamed.

"Shhh...." I shhed her because I did not when Harry and his crew to hear but it was too late.

"Oh its some ones birthday is it" He said with a cheeky smile.

"Yes" I said cautiously.

"Oh god, and you are actually going to celebrate that" He said with a evil smirk.

"Ugh" I said as I walked away, hopefully looking confident but being who I am I did not succeed. Harry then pushed me against the locker and caused a scene. " Don't walk away from me when I am talking to you, got that?" And with that he walked away. 

Right then I had a wonderful idea " You are such an ass you know that" and then I smiled at him and ran to my first period class. The school day was pretty normal and fast I got a few birthday wishes. I was avoiding Harry today but I think that he was too because I did not see him either.

Thank god........ 



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