A group of survivors try to survive the land of the living dead... going through hell and trying to save one another! People turning quickly what will happen?


1. The day it all started...

I woke up, laying in bed, curled up as its freezing... the door leading to my bedroom opens slowly with a creek...my daughter looks mentally ill.. she stands there looking at me with a grin. I sit up from my puffed duvet and sit there... she says nothing, coffing blood up she screams!... sprinting at me i fall out of my bed "help! help! Masie what are you doing!?" she jumps on top of me dripping blood from her mouth. She bites my arm scrunching into my bones! (cough cough) me laying down and Masie gradually biting into every part of my body... i fade my eyes slowly, opening and shutting.. Masie run out of the room leaving me to rot in pain. I try to get up but i struggle.. Masie leaves the house rapdily sprinting to everyone outside. I hear haunting screams through the village coming from every house. I pull myself onto the bed coffing more blood up.. My brain bouncing and pumping around, i can hear and taste the venim inside....

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