the dog who loved me

2 months after the last story, Butch meets his ex girl friend who needs his help to save her brother daniel, but will it turn out the way he expected?


1. puppy love 1


It was the morning at Butch’s house, and he was testing he new anti-gravity socks.

“Anti-gravity socks field test activating now” He announced as he pressed the on button.

Suddenly he started to hover and higher and higher he got but just then he lost control he fell and landed on his face.

“Ouch! Oh no come back” he said as he leaped in the air whilst the anti-gravity socks flew off into the air too high for him to reach. “Ok, well no body saw that…” Then suddenly a white cat appeared behind him and said “Are you Butch?”

Butch immediately jumped back in shock “Why yes I am” he said as he stood up trying to act normal.”

"Come with me!” said the cat as he turned around and started to walk off.


“Excuse me sir but I don’t just walk off with strange fluffy white cats” demanded Butch.“You will come if I say the right word!” the cat announced. “And what word would that be?” he asked the cat. “ Zelda!” said the cat stopping to face Butch.


Meanwhile just a house away from Butch; Lou, Peek and Slim were chilling in Lou’s house. When suddenly Butch charged in screaming, he ran straight passed them knocking over Slim. Then he went into another room. It fell silent, but then he ran back out again carrying a suitcase, still screaming and raced out of the house.

“What was that about?” Peek asked helping Slim up. “Well let’s find out, I’ll check the surveillance tapes!” exclaimed Lou as he got up and pushed a button witch opened a secret compartment on the wall. Then they all gathered round to watch.

“What is he doing with Mr Tinkles?” asked Slim. “I have no idea” admitted Lou. But then they herded Mr Tinkles say “Zelda” They all gasped. “Oh no not Zelda my sister as well as her being Butch's ex? Asked Peek.


“We’ve got to go after him” ordered Lou. “My sister can’t be that bad?” said Peek.“Peek the first time Zelda rejected Butch he refused to leave his bunk, for Six months! He didn’t even move once, and believe me clean up duty was not pleasant!”  Admitted Lou.



Meanwhile at the dog park Mr Tinkles and Butch were walking to meat Zelda. “She needs me?” asked Butch. “Her very words, she said that you’re the smartest guy she’s ever met!” explained Tinkles. “Butch!”  Said a very familiar voice. They both looked over it was Zelda. “Zelda” said Butch sounding love sick, whilst Love harts appeared around him.

“Butch? It’s so nice to se you ok now Take a deep breath and respond” she said in her girly voice. “Ok!” he said then he took a deep breath and responded “Nice to see you to”. “Didn’t I tell you he was great baby” she said to Mr Tinkles. “Baby?” asked Butch as Tinkels sat next to Zelda. “Yeah, the girls got it going on isn’t that right sweetie” said Mr Tinkels. “Sweetie?” said Butch realizing that Tinkels had stolen his girlfriend.


But just then the other guys arrived. Lou jumped out of their car along with his other friends Peek and Slim. “Keep Butch away from her men!” ordered Lou. "Don’t worry I was just leaving I want to go home and be forever alone in my bunk ” sobbed Butch as he passed Peek and Slim. “Errrrrr!” they said thinking about what Lou said about clean up duty. “Hay hold it there buddy she didn’t bring you here just to sip your heart out!” explained Mr Tinkels.“He’s right it’s my brother Daniel he’s a prisoner of Seavill!” she explained.

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