Can't Make a Decision


Can't make a decision......
Both Taylor Lautner ( hot) and Aston Merrygold( fit&hot) falls in Love with Lucy... All three of them were best mates..until Taylor finds out that Aston is in love with Lucy and Aston find out that Taylor is in love with Lucy.. Is Taylor's and Aston's friendship going to end.....


1. Friendship





It was a normal school day , Aston,Lucy and Taylor hanging out in the field as always, the others giggling and some of the boys bullying.

Everyone who walks past Aston,Lucy and Taylor says you guys are always with each other I've never seen you apart,whatever you do you do it together.

Aston,Lucy and Taylor are best friends forever!! They share their food,they never keep any secrets from each other and their always with each other.

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