As it comes towards me, I am in a state of shock. Thick matted hair, and glowing red eyes of a killer. It stalks forward, unaware that I can hear every sound it makes, every step of the way, even pick out all the features of its grotesque body; All in my head. The tree line between me and the monster begins to thin as I my mind rushes to a sudden stop. With one step closer, I know how to get rid of the killer once and for all. A smile spreads across my face as I take another step to my destiny. The one thing I am sure to do. Kill the killer.


2. The Book


My accustaions were right. The house is small, but it was aborable. It looks as though it was picked out of a photo from the 1800s and set right on the side of this hill. The whole house was made of dark panneled wood, like a cabin. Little windows were placed on the side of the house and the front door was in the center of it all. Mimi, Poppy and I unloaded my things and went inside.


     I was struck with awe, the inside of the house was all original. The stove, the sink, the floors, even the cabinets. The only thing some what floor, past their room and the bathroom, up another small flight of stairs. He stopped at a wooden door and turned to face me,


" We've had this attic forever and had no idea what to do with it." he told me. Great, I was going to live in a dusty old attic like Cinderella. "But," he went on," we never had enough stuff to fill it up. So, we thought you'd like to have it." He smiled and slowly turned the knob and pushed it open.


       My eyes widened at the room and slowly walked in, it was breath taking. It was far larger than my room back home. The dark wood flooring continued through the room, three large windows covered the far back wall, out looking the back of the house. In front of the windows was a purple sitting bench with small white pillows. A big chest sat next to the bench a few shades lighter than the wood under it. Pushed up against the left wall was a big queen sized bed. It had five fluffy pillows, the bed comforter was a purple, white and black embroidered pattern. I guess they had already known my favorite color.


     Next to the bed was a small table with a black lamp and a picture of my parents. "Great," I thought sarcastically, "Something to remember them by."Across my bed to the right of my room was a huge dresser with a mirror. The same color as the chest and night stand.


                I walked in and went straight to the windows. I looked put across the back of the house. I could see rows upon rows of huge, tall trees and dirt. There was even a gigantic oak tree right outside my window. It had thick branches that stretched out over the roof. Some of them almost touched my window. It was beautiful, don't get me wrong, but, to me, it was as though I was checking into a hotel and only staying for a week or two. I was already mentally planning out my next weekend plans to go to the beach with all my friends.It still wasn't sinking in that this was my permanent home.


    "Do you like it?" Mimi asked me, setting down my suite case. I turned to her and sat down on the bench, taking a swift look around.


  "It's beautiful." I breathed and I saw her shoulders drop.


    "Great." she smiled. "Alright, I can help you unpack if you'd like to, or you could do it yourself. Also, the bathroom is through that door to your left and the closet is right next to it." I stood up and walked over to my bed.


       "Thanks, but it think I can do it myself." I smiled and unzipped my first suite case.


   "Okay, I'll be down stairs. Just holler if you need anything." Mimi turned and left the room with Poppy, closing the door behind her.


    Finally, I was left alone with my thoughts. I took out my phone and the picture of all of us brightened up on the screen. I sighed as a tear escaped my eye. It fell onto my screen. I wiped it away, and shoved it back into my pocket. I needed to keep my mind off of my friends, of Florida in general. I didn't need to remind myself about my sadness. I decided to unpack everything I could tonight.


        I wanted to start with the closet and then the dresser and chest. I opened the closet door and felt as though I had walked into another room. It was so big I was completely dumb founded, It was probably half the size of my room. I have to tell you, my room is pretty huge. It took me about an hour to unpack everything I wanted to into my closet. It's a good thing I like clothes. I moved on to my dresser and then my chest. I still had a bunch of clothes left. I started to wonder if  I could fit the last of my things in this chest. So, I pulled out all the drawers, seeing how big they really were. I closed them back up but the middle drawer, for some reason, wouldn't close.


             I looked at it and gave it another push. Still, it wouldn't shut. I eyed it angerly. It was probably new, at least it looked new, why wasn't it closing? I carefully took it out of the chest and looked in the back of it. I became very confused, there was a book. Strangely, a small book just sitting in the drawer's way. I reached back and pulled it out. Looking at the cover I could tell it very breakable and old. I brushed the thick dust off the cover, only to see that it was a hard leather book. I carefully opened up the cover.


      In the top left hand of the first page corner was a small, cursive name. Molly Distin I made out. Who was that? I had no idea. I heard some ones' foot steps coming up the stairs to my room. I panicked, quickly putting the book underneath me and the drawer back in the chest. Mimi opened the door a second later. I looked up at her with ease as she walked in.


    "You need any help?" She asked me.


    "No thanks, I just have that last suite case, then I'm done." I shrugged and began to put another top in the drawer. She nodded and folded her hands in front of her.


"Okay, I know you aren't used to the time change quite yet , but your Poppy and I are going to bed. Keep in mind that tomorrow is the party."


"Party?" I asked her as I kept a straight face. The book was staring to make my butt go numb.


"Yeah, did we not tell you? Your home coming party. It's starts at six so we have to be up and ready." she sang in a delicate way as she spoke more with her hands. The mark seemed more pronounced in brighter light as I could see I faintly across the room.


" I'll wake you up late, about eight, and we need to get everything ready. See you in the morning." she smiled and walked out. I chuckled to myself. If eight was sleeping in, I never want to wake up early. I stood up and picked the book back up. I tucked it under my pillow to read later, who knows how long I would be up. I finished up unpacking and took out my laptop. I logged in and went to Skype. I looked up Ashley's Skype and waited for her to pick up.


    "Hiiiiiii!" she screamed


        "Shhhh!" I quieted her, as I lay on my stomach sprawled across my large new bed. "Mimi and Poppy are sleeping." I chuckled.


   "Sorry." she laughed.


         "Already?" Alegria asked coming into the picture.


    "Hey Griaz." I smiled at her and she did a funny face


        "Helloo." she said dramatically.


    "Yeah, it's like ten o'clock over here." I said looking over at my clock. "Wow, it's only seven in Florida."


        "Who are you talking to?" another voice asked.


    "Brishelle." Ashley said.


          "Really?! Move over! HIIII!!" Emma's face filled the screen with a huge smile plastered on her face. "Hey my magic banana." I chuckled, that was her nickname for me.


          "Hi. Omg," Makenzie gasped taking the computer from her, "is that your room?" I saw all four of their faces take up the screen. I looked  behind them and watched Juliette, Tori and Madison walk into her room.


"Wait, is everyone sleeping over Ashley's tonight?" I asked.


   "Yeah." Ashley said turning the computer a little her way. They all looked around at each other.


"We thought it would be a good idea, instead of just being sad at our own houses." Madison said behind her.


      "Yeah, I didn't feel like crying in my room all night alone." Griaz said, sighing. I could see tears coming to the brims of her blue-green eyes .


          "Griaz, don't you dare start crying." I pointed my finger at her. I looked above her head to see Juliette walk in, a plate of sweets in her hands.


   "Wow, you even got Juliette to come, I'm impressed." Juliette wasn't the most sensible person alive. She was the tom boy of the group and had a major passion for soccer. She sat down on the floor and pulled her knees to her chest.


        "Well, of course I came. I've known you since the fifth grade. Plus I'm going to be the shoulder to cry on when everyone turns on the water works." she sighed and shrugged. I just laughed, I should have guessed.


            "Show us your room!" Tori yelled, next to Emma. Her higher pitched voice rang through the large space.


     "Oh, yeah, my room." I chuckled.  "Sure." I said getting up.I picked up the small laptop and carried it around my room, showing them all my new additions "Well, here's my bed, and there's my chest. Over here is my dresser and my windows with my pretty bench. That is my dresser with my mirror. My night stand and my bathroom is over there. And this," I paused," Is my closet." I smiled and opened the door slowly. When I flicked on the light I could hear gasps and cheers of excitement.


         "Oh my god! Is that really your closet?" Emma yelled. "Yeah, it's all mine." I smiled proudly.


   "Wow, I would just come live in your closet." Ashley said.


    "Please, we all could  live in her closet." Makenzie spoke in her sarcastic voice. I laughed so hard. I sat back down on my bed and saw Alegria get up and get a tissue. She began to wipe her eyes and Madison joined her.


      "Guys, don't do this." I said pointing another finger. You promised." at the airport they did promise, promise not to cry in front of me. It was hard enough to say goodbye. Ashley looked down at her hands and I saw a tear make it's way down the side of her nose.


             "Guys," I pleaded "don't." I choked. My vision became blurry. I wiped my eyes. They all began to tear up, of course besides Juliette. I had forgotten all about the book. It was still tucked under my pillow, waiting to be read. It would have to wait, I needed my friends first, who cared about some old stupid book when I was talking to all the people I was forcefully ripped apart from. I still can't believe my dumb parents could do this to me. The book became distant from my mind as a tear escaped my eye.

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