The Bakery (Harry Styles! AU!)

Carmen Jones is an 18 year old girl, from Holmes Chapel. One day whilst she's getting the weekly shop for her friend and her she comes across a bakery and decides to treat herself. She asks if there's a job available, which is routine for her at every establishment she goes to, and it just so happens there is. When she has to share her shifts with the annoying, flirty, cheeky and handsome Harry Styles how will she handle it? And how will she handle the fact that she also has to cope with him at University? Will she fall for the flirt?


1. Applying + Annoying

<- (That's Carmen if you can see the picture)

"Bye Tia, I'll see you in a bit" I shout into the dorm room. 

 "See you later Car" She shouts back, poking her head round the door of her art studio. I laugh and shake my head at the sight before me, my best friends hair is in a messy bun, her hair is still flying everywhere and there is paint smudged on her left cheek. Oh well, I'll tell her when I come back, if it's still there.

 I smile at her before leaving the campus and going into the village. I smile at the little kids that are playing outside of the supermarket before going inside and buying everything that I need. "Thank you" I smile as the woman hands me back my change. "Your welcome darling" she smiles back at me.

 I decide that I'll get my sister's present whilst I'm in the village. I go round the corner to the toy shop and decide to get her a teddy that's grey and white and has big green eyes. I smile at the thoughts of my little sister's face when she opens her present. Still smiling I start walking home, I take a different route back to the University, because since I've started it's taken me 40 minutes to walk to the village and another 40 to walk back, so I wonder if this way might be any quicker.

 Suddenly my nostrils are filled with an amazing scent of freshly baked breads and pastries, I can't stop the grin that makes its way onto my face as I enter the bakery, the small bell ringing above the door, notifying the owner that there's a new customer. "Welcome to Annie's Bakery, what can I do for you today?" A lady asked me from behind the counter, her name-tag read 'Annie', oh so this is her bakery.

"Please may I have a vanilla slice and an egg custard?" I asked her politely after scanning through all of the foods on display and deciding to get something for both me and Tia.

 "Will that be all?" She asked after wrapping up my order.

 "Yes thank you. But, before I go I was wondering if you possibly had any jobs available?" I ask her. Aggie smiles widely before telling me that a month ago one of their members of staff quit because she had to move elsewhere and that they'd love to hire me. After thanking her I put all of the papers she gave me into my bag and made my way back to my dorm.

 After telling Tia about the job, whilst we're eating our treats and wrapping up Stacey, my little sister's, present, we decided to watch 'Love actually' before we went to bed because we have Uni tomorrow.


-*-*-* THE NEXT DAY *-*-*-


I pushed my covers off me and slowly walked into the bathroom to get a shower, after my shower I got dressed into some high-waisted jeans, vans and a tank top before throwing on my chunky knit cardigan. I put on my makeup and brush my hair, letting it fall into it's natural waves. I sigh looking at my reflection, dull brown eyes and blonde hair that never does what it's supposed to. However, my skin still has the tan from last year when I went to Ibiza with my friends, so it'll have to do.

 "You done yet Car?" Tia calls me from the front room "We have to hurry class starts in 20 and I want to see Nia- I want to see Miss Smith before my art class this morning". I roll my eyes at her EXTREMELY bad cover up for wanting to see her crush. "You sure you don't just want to go and stalk Niall?" I wink at her before we both head out of the door after I've grabbed my bag. "I don't even know why I told you that" she says folding her arms across her chest. 

 "It's because you love me" I giggle poking her cheek. She laughs and shakes her head while we walk to the campus cafe, we just grab a coffee and a granola bar each before we sit on a bench near the fountain. 

 "Ooh here comes your boyfriend" I giggle nudging Tia's side. 

 "Shut up!!! He's walking this way!" She whisper shouts at me.

 "You didn't deny he's your boyfriend," I laugh at her "Don't worry I won't tell him". She scowls at me before going back to watching the blonde boy, she's fancied him since the first day and the only time they've spoken is when he said 'Excuse me' because she was blocking the door to the art class and he had to go in to drag his mate Zayn away from his, being Zayn's, girlfriend Perrie.

 My laughing is short lived when the bell rings, I say goodbye to Tia and make my way to my first class which is Business Studies. I would love this class but there's one problem. Harry Edward Styles. He's the school's flirt, he isn't the 'typical' flirt though, he just does it subconsciously, but either way it's annoying and ever since the first day I've taken a disliking to him.




I tugged my bag further up onto my shoulder as I make my way to Business Studies. I take a seat at the back of the lecture hall and get my mac book out of my bag. When I place it on the desk I see that someone has sat next to me, this confuses me as the hall isn't even half full yet and everyone else here seems to know each other anyway. I tilt my head to look at the boy sat beside me. When I look he's already looking at me with his piercing green eyes.

 "Hello, my names Carmen" I say to him.

 "Harry Styles," He replies a small smirk on his face "Are you sure you're in the right class?".

 "Yes, this is Business Studies right?" I say worried.

 "It is love, just making sure. You look a bit too blonde to be taking Business Studies" He winks at me.

 "Pardon?" I say to him.

 "I mean, Business Studies is a bit complicated, didn't know if you were up for the challenge" he shrugs.

 "Well, my theory is that the challenge this year wont be the class it'll be making sure that I don't have to talk to anyone else that's as full of themselves as you" I reply calmly. Missing the glint in his eyes that I caused from fighting back and ignoring his attempts at starting up a conversation.




I throw away the cup that once contained my coffee and enter the familiar hall, since it's already almost full there's only three seats left. One next to the kid I rejected at high school because he was already with one of my friends. Another next to the number 1 most hated person at this school ever Audrey Meyer, she is literally the meanest person ever, she's not 'popular' either, literally NOBODY likes her. The last next to Harry. I sigh in defeat as I take the seat next to Harry. "Harry" I say nodding my head in acknowledgement as I sit down.

 "Carmen" He says back, but even just from that I can tell he's shocked. The rest of the class goes pretty quickly, next I have Media Studies and then I'm free for the rest of the day, so I'm going to take my forms back to the Bakery and maybe get started working there today, I hope. Or else I'll have no excuse not to read my Modern World History book until tomorrow.

 I sigh and start to pack my bag back up, but before I leave the room I feel a tap on my shoulder, I turn around to see Harry.

 "Yes?" I ask him.

 "I know you hate me Carmen okay, I get it, but I need your help!" Harry says to me.

 "What?!?!?" I ask him shocked.

 "Well, you're the best in the class and I'm kind of struggling on the project we have due for next month. So I was wondering if you would possibly consider helping me? Please?" He asks. Oh the irony. "Ironic isn't it?" he says biting his lip to hide the smile that's threatening to makes it's way onto his face. "Fine." I say folding my arms "But only because this way you owe me". He grins and hugs me quickly before I have chance to push him off me he's writing his number on a piece of paper and telling me to text him soon so we can meet up.


-%-%-% Skips to the Bakery %-%-%-


"Hello Carmen dear" Annie says when I come to hand in my forms.

 "Hello Mrs Higgins, I've filled these out for you" I say handing her the forms.

 "Hi Annie sorry I'm la-" I hear a voice start to say from behind me, a voice I know, Harry.

 "Harry dear, come and meet Carmen, the new addition" She says coming out from behind the counter and slinging her arm across my shoulders in a motherly way. 

 "We've met before" Harry says.

 "Oh no, was she one of your girlfriends she's very pretty I wouldn't be surpr-" Harry quickly covers her mouth.

 "No, but we're in one of the same classes at Uni" I say. Harry nods in agreement letting go of Mrs Higgins.

 "Oh so you're THAT Carmen" Annie says.

 "What do you mean by th-" I start to say. But Annie shakes her head.

 "It doesn't matter dearie, now why don't we get you an apron and you can start helping Harold here make the cookies". Harry blushes at the name and I let a laugh out before putting my hand over my mouth and following Harry. This might actually be quite fun, MIGHT.



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