the first time

kamalia, just a normal teenage whom had a crush on this one new guy at her school when the first time she saw him and that's the first time she was inlove... will he ever notice how much she loves him? let's found out ;)


1. first day

Kamalia P.O.V
I was walking to my school for about 15 mins away from my house. Well, its quite far but that's my routine every week so it's kinda familiar to me and it don't feel too far for me. I was walking while listening to my iPod which I've got for my birthday present from my mom. I love her loads. She's my everything. Suddenly, a boy knocked me 'till I fell onto the ground.

"I'm so sorry girl, are you ok?" while he tried to help to get up. Well, he'd got those sparkle dark blue eyes with those Justin Bieber hair style and a huge sweetest smile I've ever met. 
"It's okay. It's my fault too I guess? Ya know, listening to my iPod and ignore the world" I replied and give a smile and he smile back.
"thank you for your forgiveness girl, well I'm in a bit rush right now since it's my first day of school. Hope to see you again pretty" he gave me that smile that I'd easily get melts.
"you're wel-" but then he walked away and I cant even finish my sentences yet, I sigh "yeah, me too. I wanna see that smile again" I talked to myself.

At school
Still Kamalia P.O.V
I can't get rid of him from my mind. That smile, that sparkle dark blue eyes and that hair. He's so sweet and polite. He's just perfect. He's really are my type. My perfect guy. I wanna meet him again so bad. But did he said today is his first day of school? Oh boy, it is already summer and today is your first day? Oh wait, does it means he just move in here? In this town? And if it's true.... well he's probably moving to this school! OMG I really hope he is. Let's just see.....

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