A Secret Love

Can these two lovers overcome diversity to keep their love alive and spend as much time as possible together without revealing their secret?


1. The First Encounter

I crossed the road, over to the school and noticed a young man walking towards the office block just as I was. We reached the office at the same time and I pulled open the door. I stepped to the side, holding the door and waved my arm, usherng him in before me. He smiled at me as he removed his sun glasses revealing magnificent brown eyes that sparkled in the sunlight. His smile is slightly crooked and his skin is a medium brown colour that highlights the stubble along his jawline. He was a litlle shorter than me and as he raised his arm to remove his glasses I noticed his arm muscle bulge and stretch his lavender-purple polo shirt. 'Hey. I'm Luke Kendall. I'm a PE teacher here,' I greeted him. 'I'm Hayden. Hayden Starrett. I'm new and coincidently am the new PE teacher,' he responded in a deep, husky voice that sent shivers down my spine. 'Well, welcome! If you need any help at all, I'll be glad to help.' 'Thank you. It would be great it you could show me to the staffroom?' he asked and half smiled then shook his head slightly and looked at the ground. 'Sure. I'd be delighted,' I said and I'm definate that he picked up on my over eagerness. I couldn't help it. Since marrying Tanya, things have been strange and kinda weird. I sometimes feel like it was all a big mistake. We do have great times together but it just doesn't feel right. 'Have you done any teaching before?' I enquired, wanting to know as much as possible about him. 'Yeah. But only one previous school. It wasn't such a great experience though. I'm hoping it will be nicer here,' he confessed and breathed out, seeming scared and embarrassed at admitting it. 'Well don't worry. I know for a fact that you will enjoy it here much more. Everyone here is lovely and I'll help you out,' I assured him and smiled. 'Thanks. It means a lot that you could say that, let alone take teh time to show me around and help me out. Thank you, again,' he said and smiled as we approached the PE staffroom and I motioned to tell him where we were. 'Welcome to one of the greatest places in the school. I give you, the PE staffroom,' I exaggerated as I guided him to the door, smiled and looked after him as he smiled and entered the room...
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