Hiding in Darkness

Jane Anderson was just an ordinary person who was one of those children whose parents were always fighting, one day she decides to leave home and live in London with her aunt. But what happens when she meets One Direction (the famous boyband that she's been dreaming of meeting) because of her job.

Will she just hide in the dark or will she make a move?


1. Leaving

Jane's P.O.V


I had enough of them fighting. I called my aunt in the UK.

"Hello Jane, is that you?" she asked

"yes, aunt Lizzie its me, can I ask you a favor? I said 

"sure Jane, what is it?" she said as I heard a loud glass shatter and my parent's started fighting again.

"are they fighting again?" she asked 

"they're always fighting every second, every minute, every hour of everyday" I said angrily "anyways can you pick me up at the airport tomorrow." I said

"sure dear, what time is your flight?" she asked 

"about 7 pm your time."

"okay dear, see you tomorrow."

"yeah I'll see you tomorrow, I'll just call or text you if my flight gets delayed." I said as I was finishing packing my things 

"okay dear."

I called Annie, I'm going to stay at her house tonight because she was the nearest to the airport, she immediately answered on the second ring.

"hello Jane." she said 

" hey Annie, can I stay at your house tonight?"

"sure I'll just ask my mom." she said as I heard her ask her mom 

"hello Jane, my mom said you can stay with us tonight."

"okay, thanks Annie." I said 

"they're fighting again aren't they?"She asked letting out a sigh

"yeah they're always fighting and they just won't stop!"I said angrily 

"Jane dad and I are just gonna do some groceries, do you want anything?" my mom asked

"no, I don't want anything."I said as the car door slammed loudly and I heard the car screech out of the driveway. 

"they just won't stop fighting they"re always at it, the longest time they weren't fighting was only a minute!" I said pacing around my room.

"yeah I know how it feels."

"okay, I'm gonna go now."I said 

she had told us about her family being broken and this is how it feels, I told my friends that I was thinking about staying with my aunt Lizzie.

"okay see you later." 

I stood up, got my things down and called a cab.

I wrote a note to my parents saying: 

I couldn't take you two anymore, so I ran away not gonna say where I'll go but  I'll give you two weeks before I come back to stop fighting.

your daughter,


I placed the note on the fridge. After a few minutes the cab arrived, the driver helped me load my bags and went in the cab,  told him the address and I arrived a few minutes later. I rang the doorbell and Annie stuck her head out the door.

"oh hey Jane, come in" Annie said 

I went in, their house was nice it wasn't too big but not too small either. She introduced me to her mom since this was my first time.

"hello, you must be Jane, Annie told me all about you and your friends,you can call me Susan." She said 

"its very nice to finally meet you, Susan."I said as we shook hands. "I hope I'm not intruding on anything."

"oh no dear its fine, we understand your situation"Susan said

"thank you again for letting me stay here for the night"

"oh no its not a problem Jane" Susan said she told Annie that we  were about to eat dinner and that she'll call us when its dinner time. 

"oh Jane, you can leave some of your bags here, okay." Susan said

"okay, I'll just get the bag with my clothes."I said getting the bag. Annie led me to her room, it was very pretty it had peach  colored walls, there were two beds side by side they looked very comfy.

"the bed on the left is yours, the one on the right is mine."Annie said, I set my bag down beside my bed.

"Annie, Jane its time to eat." called Susan, Annie's family was amazing they're always cheerful even if their family was already broken. After eating Annie and I watched some TV and One  Direction was on MTV, she knew I liked One Direction so she didn't change the channel, I was singing along with the song. It got late and we were getting sleepy so we changed into pj's and went to sleep. 

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