Abigail age 19 . Her parent died in a car crash when she was 18 and now locks after her little sibs Jackson age 8 and Halle age 3. She thinks boys are a waste of time untell she meats a cute Irish boy with blond hare and blue eyes. He makes her realise that love cen be beautiful but she is so stubern that it will take time ;)


1. What time is it?

 I woke up to my brother jumping on my bed singing time to git up (and yes my brother loves One direction) I through a pillow at him and told him to go away.

Abigail: What time is it?      

Jackson: Its 9:00am.

Abigail: what!!!!!!!!!

Jackson: ya. 

Abigail: You are going to definitely be late for school!!!

Jackson: But it's Saturday I cant go to school on Saturday every one will think I like school and that is sooo not true!!!

Abigail: good.

Abigail well I should git up and make some Breakfast hu?

jackson: O can u make French toast!!!!!  

Abigail: ok but I have to git ready First k

jackson: y?

Abigail: well I have to go to work

Jackson: o  ya 

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