Dying is Believing

When you don't believe in something, your parents would always say "Seeing is Believing" right? Well how about when dealing with the after life? Dying would be proof enough, but how do you escape when you're already dead?


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 The afterlife. The one thing that no one really thinks about. It isn’t discussed in school or even at home, so what makes a person think about the afterlife? Not believing until you are there. I was 16. There was a massive storm, a very uncommon storm. It came out of nowhere. I was walking home from a friend’s house around nine o’clock at night. It was fairly light out, well that is until the clouds rolled in. The sky grew dark quickly. Thunder boomed, shaking buildings all around me as I ran home. I made it to the front door, before the thunder shook my house, making it collapse. I made it out of the way just in time for it to come crashing into a pile of rubble. I was by the light pole, not the best place to be, now that I think about it. Thunder came once more, this time followed by lightning. It hit a few houses down from where I stood. The wind picked up, howling against the starless night sky. Another flash, this time closer. A car passes, the people inside looking scared. Why wouldn’t they be? The town was under attack and there wasn’t anything we could do about it. I started to run again, this time in the opposite direction of where the car just went. There were no lights, and my cell phone was dead. Flash lights weren’t something we just randomly carried around, but now that I think about it, not carrying one around was a mistake. I lost track of time and direction as I ran, continuing until I reached the edge of a cliff. I had ran all the way to the sea.

  Catching my breath, I watched the storming waves crash against the bottom of the cliff. Jagged rocks were spread out down below, making cliff diving impossible. There were other cliffs we could jump from, though as school started, we stopped going. Usually there is a night in October that is warmer than all the rest, making cliff diving a perfect activity after school. That night was tonight, but as I stand there overlooking the sea, I can’t help but to wonder why the change in weather and why so quickly?

  Suddenly, lightning flashed as if someone were taking a picture. The sound was deafening, almost like the sound of scraping nails on a chalkboard. The energy that surged from the powerful strike sent me flying off the cliff to the sharp rocks below resulting in my blood splattering death.

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