I'm Yours

*****First fanfic please don't judge*****
When Catalina goes to London to see her best friend she happens to bang into Harry styles. What happens when she falls for him? Will he fall for her or is he just a womanizer?


39. 39.)

Catalina's pov. 

After lunch, we talk, play war, which I lost, and then we picked out eachothers outfits for dinner. I pick out a pair of black skinny jeans, a black blazer, black shoes, and a white button up shirt for underneath. I walk to the guest room to see what he's laid out for me. I walk into my room and find a light pink dress, that fits my curves perfectly. There's also a black blazer and black stiletto heels. I leave my hair in its naturally loose curls, I apply mascara and liquid eye liner above my eye. I then left my room where I found Harry waiting for me.  He looked amazing.

"hey beautiful" he smiles, and looks me up and down. I blush a little.

"ready to go?" He asks.

"yeah" I reply. We head off to a fancy Italian restraunt where we meet perrie, Zayn, Eleanor, and louis. Perrie's wearing a black dress with slits in the sides that show off her sides and black strappy heels. Eleanor was wearing a mint colored high and low dress and nude heels. I couldn't help but feel a little self counsious. They looked amazing and then there was me. 

"Hey guys" I smiled. "Gosh you girls look beautiful!" 

"Awe, thanks Cat! You do to." El replies. 

"Yeah, love you look gorgeous"perrie says including herself in the conversation.  We talk for a while about how we did our hair and makeup, that we all need to go shopping when the guys leave for tour. The guys talk about random stuff. We order, eat and then head back to our flats. El, Louis, Harry and I all head back to the same flat. We watch a movie and then head to our beds. I sleep in Harry's bed with him, we talk about dinner for a little until we can hardly keep our eyes open. 

"Cat?" Harry asks.

"hmm" I mumble. 

"I want you to meet my mom, tomorrow." He says calmly. My heart freezes.

"but, what if she doesn't like me??" Worry starts to fill me.

"she's gonna love you." He assure me, he leans in and places a soft kiss on my lips, I feel a wave of electricity rushes through my body and all my doubts dissapear. 

"Okay, I want to meet her to." I smile. 

"Good." Harry laughs. "Goodnight baby." Harry says.

"night love." I smile. I rest my head on his chest and he wraps his arms around me. I then let sleep take me. 

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