I'm Yours

*****First fanfic please don't judge*****
When Catalina goes to London to see her best friend she happens to bang into Harry styles. What happens when she falls for him? Will he fall for her or is he just a womanizer?


1. 1.)Coming to London



"Mooooom!" I moaned.  

I could hear her chuckle. 

"Come on, Catalina, you're gonna miss your flight Hun!" She said while spinning around and walking out of my room. That was all I needed to hear, I was racing into my closet to throw on my red hoodie and hollister  jeans. I threw on a light amount of make up and put my long, wavy, brown hair up into a ponytail, I slip my feet into my red vans and check the time 7:15 my flight for London leaves at 8, I have a little time.  I grab my bags and walk down stairs to see my mom has made pancakes. Yum. She smiles at me and says "here honey," 

"Thanks mom" I say and give her a smile. 

"I can't believe you'll be in London for the summer!" She says in disbelief I glance at the clock 7:20

"Omg! Mom we're gonna be late!" I yell. 


"Alright, alright" she whispers calmly. With that we rush out of the house and to the airport. 

 When we get throw security and before I board, I give my mom a big hug.

"You better call me every day!" She whispers into my ear. I can tell she's close to tears.

"I will mom, don't worry." I assure her. I give her one last hug before I board the plane.


      Plane ride-   I wonder what my mom is gonna do without me. Ever since my dad died, two years ago, she doesn't do that much. I'm the one that keeps her going. Maybe she will hangout with Jess  they normally meet up for coffee in the morning before work. Ah. She'll be fine. I glance at the lady next to me, she looks to be only a little older than me, maybe 22 or 21. It's gonna be a few hours and I like talking to people, so I should get to know her. I introduce myself and learn that her name is Sara and she's 21 only 2 years older than me. She is coming to visit her cousin for two weeks. We exchange numbers and talk for the rest of the plane ride. Finally we land in London.  "It was great meeting you, we should definitely meet up while your here in London." I tell Sara and give her a warm smile. "Totally text me when ever" she says before saying goodbye and  with that I started looking for my best friend Elena.That's when I see her.  "Elena!!!" I shout threw the crowd of people! She sees me and shouts back "Catalina!!"  We push threw the crowd and finally reach each other! We have been best friends since we were four years old and once we finished high school she moved to London, so when my first year of collage was over I decided that we needed to have all summer together.  When we reached each other we were like "omg" " how are you" "I miss you" and "let's get out of this dam airport"   After getting all my luggage we climbed into Elena's car.  "So how was your flight?" She quickly asked while we climbed in.   "Ugh. Long, but I made a new friend" I said while smiling. She chuckled "of course you did"  I giggled at her comment.  "So where is your flat?" "Um. Right here in Holmes chapel." She answered.  "Sweet! How far is the nearest Starbucks from your flat?" I asked. "Omg. You and your addiction to coffee!" She giggled. "I'm not addicted! I just like coffee... a lot." I defended myself while laughing.   "Yeah, yeah. Starbucks is like a 15 min walk. Okay? Don't worry it's not to far." Elena said.  "Okay." I answered.  Finally we arrived at her flat. She showed me to the guest room and showed me around a little. Then i decided to take a quick walk  to Starbucks and then be back in time for dinner.     When I got their I ordered an ice coffee. I grabbed my coffee, and was about to go sit at a table when I decided to grab some napkins. I turned around and smacked right into someone. That made him spill his hot coffee all over himself.  "I am so sorry" I said rather loudly. I looked up and saw a really hot guy. He had curly hair and green beautiful eyes. I found myself starting to smile. I repeated "I'm really sorry." He gave me a small smile that made me weak at the knees.  "It's alright love" he said reassuring me it was alright that I just made him spill coffee all over himself. I'm such an idiot.  " here let me buy you a new coffee" I told him.  "No, it's fine" he chuckled. "No way, I insist. And I'm going to buy you a new coffee weather you want me too or not" I told him.  He just smiled and shook his head  And said "if you most"  "My names Catalina but you can call me cat and you are?" He gave me a slight confused look and then answered. "I'm Harry, Harry styles,"  "Nice to meet you" I smiled at him.   Harry's prov.   As I grabbed my coffee and turned around, someone suddenly slammed into me, which caused me too spill my hot coffee all over myself. The girl quickly said she was sorry. I looked down about to say it was alright, but suddenly lost my words right when I saw her. She had bright blue eyes, dimples with a perfect smile, and brown hair in a ponytail. She was adorable. She seemed about 5"4" she was gorgeous. She then repeated to say sorry after I hadn't replied. I told her it was alright, and then she insisted that she must buy me a new coffee. I couldn't refuse. She turned to me while waiting in line and said with a warm friendly smile "my names Catalina but you can call me cat and you are?" I was surprised she didn't know me but what ever. So her name is, Catalina, hmm. I like it. Catalina. I smiled and then answered her.
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