*For Death & Co. Contest

Adam believes that today is just a normal day. He wakes up, goes to school, and walks home with his best friend as usual. But that's when it all changes. The last thing he sees is the fear in her eyes and her screaming his name. Little does he know that he is dead, and dead is no normal day.

*Chapters will be a little bit short for the contest
*She will be named in the end, so don't bug me about that


1. A Normal Day

I look into her eyes as she talks, barely taking in anything she says. “Adam?” she looks at me with a smile on her face.

            I snap out of my daze and realize that she’s looking at me. “What?”

            She laughs. “I was asking about Friday, if you wanted to see a movie with Jared and Monique and me.”

            “Oh, yeah. Um, sure, great.” I stutter as a talk.

            She laughs again, a cute laugh filled with joy and happiness. Was it possible to not love someone like this?

            “Ok, see you tomorrow in Art,” she waves goodbye and starts down her street. “Oh! I completely forgot!” she comes running back, delivering a letter addressed to me in her handwriting.

            “Oh yeah, I almost forgot too, thanks.”

            She says goodbye one last time, but this time, she doesn’t end with a smile. Instead, her lips curve downward and her eyes fill with terror. That’s the last thing I see before the world around me vanishes. And the last thing I hear is her screaming my name.

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