Confessions of a High School Supermodel

Meet Maddie Fox, a self-proclaimed Lozerilla. She’s 16, loves One Direction, shops at Forever 21, and frequently spends high school lunchtime hiding inside a bathroom stall. Maddie dreams of fitting in with the popular girls, but her shyness (and the fact that she has the most embarrassing family in the world) makes that impossible.

But when a chance encounter with a modeling scout thrusts Maddie into stardom as the next Victoria’s Secret supermodel, the girl that no boy ever looked at twice is suddenly a sex symbol, her picture on every teenage guy’s bedroom wall.

Maddie has to navigate her newfound fame amidst the jealous girls at school who want to see her crash and burn. But is getting everything you ever wanted all it’s cracked up to be?


25. Chapter 25





Bree marched over to where Sundance and her friends were standing.  “What the hell is your problem, Sundance?” she demanded.  “Why do you always act like such an evil bitch?”

All four of the girls’ faces creased with shock, none more so than Sundance.  Amberly even gasped. 

You tell her, Bree! Maddie cheered inside her own head.  She tried to adopt a tough look on her face but inside her heart was pounding with apprehension. 

Clear as day, Maddie could see what a waste of time it was trying to be friends with those girls.  What was the point of working so hard to try and gain their approval?  They would never accept her.  What’s more, she didn’t even care anymore if they did.  Who needed fake friends like Sundance when she had a true friend like Bree? 

 Sundance looked taken aback at first but quickly recovered.  “What’s got you so upset, Bree?  Did you finally get a look at that ugly face of yours in the mirror?” she sneered.

“The only one who’s ugly here is you!” Bree fumed.  She crossed her arms right in Sundance’s arrogant face.  “Face it Sundance.  You’re jealous of Maddie and you have been ever since she became a Victoria’s Secret model!  You seriously need to get over yourself because you’re too short to be a model and too untalented to be an actress!”

Amberly and Tavannah had disbelieving looks on their faces.  Livia opened her mouth to speak but Bree cut her off, stepping menacingly closer.  “You and your minions need to stop leeching off Maddie’s attention and using her to feel important because it’s seriously pathetic!” she scoffed.

Sundance rolled her eyes and tried to laugh but it came out sounding hollow and forced.  “Back off, Bree!  I don’t even have a problem with you!   You don’t exist to me, you’re nothing!” she declared with a wave of her hands.  “Besides, if anyone’s obsessed with Maddie, it’s you!  You’re like, her angry lesbian lover!”  Sundance’s friends snickered, but Maddie could tell they didn’t look as cocky as before. 

Sundance leaned around Bree to look at where Maddie was standing a few feet behind.  “It’s pretty sad how you need your little attack dog to fight for you, Maddie!” she taunted.

Maddie felt her heart pound even harder.  She hated confrontation, she really did.  I’m not good at standing up to people!  I’m not good at it at all!  Whatever it is that makes people good at it, I don’t have it!

Maddie paused for a second before bravely stepping closer to the girls.  I’m just as good as them, she told herself.  I always have been, even before Victoria’s Secret.  They’re the losers, not me. 

“Sundance,” she began calmly, willing her voice to stay steady and not start shaking.  “I really don’t give a fuck if you like me or not.” Somehow, there was something more powerful, more intimidating about using the f-word quietly instead of shouting it in a rage.   “Because I don’t like you!  Or any of your friends. You’re just a bad person.  So don’t expect me to invite you to anymore parties.”

Sundance’s face looked like she just swallowed a lemon.  No one ever talked to her like that!  Maddie felt herself growing bolder. 

“So just in case you need me to spell it out for you, we’re no longer frenemies.”  Maddie paused.  “We’re just enemies.”

Sundance finally found her voice.  “What are you gonna do, fight me?” she challenged, looking Maddie up and down with scorn.

Suddenly, Sundance’s clique shifted their feet and imperceptibly inched away from their leader.  What, your so-called friends aren’t stepping in to protect you? Maddie thought.

Maddie cleared her throat and spoke deliberately, her head held high.  “I’m not going to fight you, Sundance.  That would be exactly what you’d want me to do!  And I’m not going to stoop down to your level,” she proclaimed haughtily.  In her mind she saw herself as poised and dignified as if she were channeling an old Hollywood film star like Grace Kelly.  Ann would be proud!  “I’m better than that!  I’m a role model now.”

Suddenly, Bree’s voice spoke up next to her.  “Oh yeah, well I’m not!”  At that, Bree leaned forward and slapped Sundance across the face.  Hard.

Sundance gasped at the shock of the sting, her cheek immediately reddening both from the slap and from her own embarrassment.  The other girls looked flabbergasted as well, but no one made a move to retaliate. 

There was something else glinting in Sundance’s eyes.  Shock was there, yes, but there was something else Maddie couldn’t quite put her finger on.  Respect maybe?  This was quickly replaced by anger.  And finally… fear.   Funny how for some people, it takes a slap in the face to let them know they can’t push you around. 

“Come on Maddie, let’s get out of here!” Bree declared, her voice as clear and confident as ever.

Maddie was a bit scared to turn her back on the girls, but she and Bree walked across the backyard and into Sundance’s house, heads held high and straight.  It wasn’t until they were well into the house and out of sight that Bree yelped “Run!” and the two girls tore through the house at breakneck speed. 

“Get out!  Go!”  They burst through the front door on the other side of the house and sprinted out onto the sidewalk and a little bit up the road, their suppressed nerves finally bubbling over and spilling out in the form of shrieks and laughter.  Maddie’s heart was pounding with exhilaration and she felt scared and proud and exhilarated all at the same time.

“I can’t believe you did that!” she exclaimed, shaking Bree by the shoulders and laughing happily.  “You’re, like, my hero!”

“Oh my god, I know!  Did you see her face?” Bree smiled triumphantly, looking pretty pleased with herself as well.

“It was about time!” Maddie burst, the two girls continuing to briskly walk down the street.  “She had it coming.”  She hadn’t expected telling someone off would feel so good afterward.

Maddie couldn’t believe just a few hours ago she’d actually cared about being friends with those girls!  Who knew that overhearing a conversation about yourself in a bathroom could make such a fundamental difference to how you perceived life?  She felt as if she’d left her former reality and entered a new one, as effortlessly as walking through a door.  It was a simple thing when the only thing that changed in your life was your attitude, but it could make all the difference in the world.

“You know Maddie, I had no idea you felt like such a loser before we met,” Bree spoke earnestly.  “I never saw you as a loser in school.  I really didn’t.  I thought you seemed cool.  I dunno, you were just kind of smart and laid back.  Independent.  You did your own thing.”

Maddie took a second to ponder what Bree had said.  Maybe I was never as much of a loser as I thought? she wondered.  Did I seriously waste all that time wishing I were someone else?

“People who mistreat others for not being cool enough- those are the people I feel sorry for,” Bree continued.  “I mean, how many of the Mark Zuckerbergs and Bill Gates of the world got overlooked for not being ‘cool’ enough?”

Maddie nodded.  She had a good point.  “Thanks Bree.  I’m glad we finally stood up to them!”  Maddie looked over at her friend and smiled.  She and Bree had ended up having fun at their first (and surely last) PPF.  Only not in a way either of them had expected.

A few hours later, Maddie was safe and secure at home sitting on her bed.    She was still congratulating herself over the job well done this afternoon and looking forward to a long and pleasant weekend.  Her mom was finally letting her take a break from college applications and she was looking forward to catching up on Dance Moms episodes!  She practically had a whole season to get through!

Suddenly, her phone buzzed.  She checked it and saw that she had a text from Evan.  Frowning, she read his message.  “I thought things were going good between us.  I guess I was wrong.  Just forget about it now.”

Huh???  Maddie felt extremely confused as she racked her brain trying to make sense of the message.  Why would he say that to me?  What did I do?  Maddie struggled to think if there was anything she had done recently to upset him.  That’s weird- I haven’t seen him since the awards show!  Things were going great then!

Just then, Maddie’s phone buzzed with a second text message. 

What did he say now?  she wondered with a frown.  Maybe he sent me that message by mistake.

Maddie looked at the text.  It wasn’t from Evan.  It was from Ann.

Ann’s message read, “You’d better call me right away!”

What the hell?




Best Nerd Makeovers!


1.  Never Been Kissed- Drew Barrymore does high school all over again as an undercover investigative journalist.  When she was a teen, she was known as “Josie Grossie,” but her second time around, she reinvents herself and ends up becoming Prom Queen!    


2.  Cinderella-  What a difference a ball gown can do for a girl’s confidence!  Watch out Ugly Stepsisters- no Prince Charming can resist her in those chic glass slippers! :P


3.  Emma Watson- Not a movie, but an actual person!  When Emma was first introduced to the world as Hermione in Harry Potter, she was an awkward kid with frizzy hair and the beginnings of a unibrow.  Fast forward a decade or so and she’s grown into a sophisticated beauty who models for Burberry and Lancôme.


4.  The Devil Wears Prada-  When Anne Hathaway gets the magazine job “a million girls would die for,” she magically transforms from a frumpy, earnest writer into a Chanel-bedecked glamazon.


5.  Clueless-  In this Jane Austen teen remake, Cher and Dionne make over their friend Tai from grungy punk to fashionable popular kid.  Cher even restyles Tai using her computerized revolving closet!  “Cher’s main thrill in life is a makeover.  It gives her a sense of control in a world full of chaos.”  Think Mean Girls of the 90’s.





Giveaway Winners!


I would like to announce the winners of my One Direction Giveaway!  Thank you to all the girls who entered!  I wrote everyone’s username down (some people got 2 entries for subscribing), put all the names in a bowl, and randomly picked 3.  I ended up with 68 entries which is way more than I ever expected.  (I think some of the people who commented on my story had no idea they were entering a giveaway by doing so!)

Anyway, the winners are:


Grand Prize: Paolaluvslouis


Runner up: Cassez


Runner up:


Congratulations to the winners! I’ll be contacting you guys to get your addresses. Thank you again to everyone who entered the giveaway!Don’t feel bad if you didn’t win, I’ll be doing another giveaway soon! :)

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