I promised forever

"I cant do this anymore!", I cried, tears stained my cheaks as I pleaded with him. He was crying too, "Please.. I`m begging you!". I took a step back. I couldnt look at him anymore and know that I was hurting him. He was hurting me. I couldnt take it. I was going to do what I did best. Run. "NO, LIAM IM DONE!! I JUST CANT TAKE IT, YOU STILL LOVE HER!". He reached for me his hand slipping from my grasp. "Please.. I love you!". "That isnt enough anymore". "But I promised forever"........


1. Meeting for the first time

Flash back~

"Oh im sorry", I said bumping into someone hard. They were really strong considering I ran into them and was the one who fell. They offered their hand helping me up. Before I could get a look at their face, I heard it again hundreds of screaming girls, they were running this way. "Come on!", they stranger grabbed my hand and started to run. I didnt ask questions because I guess he saw it too. I dont think either of us knew where we were going but we had to find a place fast. We ran up 3 flights of stairs into a corridor with 4 rooms on each side. "Check the left side", I didnt even bother to reply as I ran to each door seeing if they were unlocked. By the time I got to the second door, The screams were getting louder. "In here", the stranger said grabbing my hand dragging me into the dark room and shutting the door. "They have to be close!", a girl whined. "Check the doors". I heard footsteps rush closer, the door handle shook savagely. My breath hitched in my throat, as I stiffened I was terrified. The stranger quickly wrapped his arms around my body and clamped his other hand over my mouth. "Shhs!", he whispered down my ear. I relaxed as the footsteps slowly started to disappear. "Are you alright, are you hurt?", he said removing his hand. "Im fine I.i think just a bit shook up". He let go of me standing and flipped on a light switch. My eyes widened, and I gasped, as my hand covered my mouth "Your... you`re!!".. He smiled and extended his hand "Hi, Im Liam".

End of Flashback~

"But what if they dont like me Liam?", I said sitting on his lap. We were in his flat getting ready to go to dinner I was meeting the rest of one direction. For the first time. Ever. "They will baby, I promise". I looked at him doubtfully "But they dont even know about me, we`ve been dating for four months, and know one knows but my parents". He rubbed my back soothing me "Dont worry they will like you, they have to", "why?", "Because I like you", he said pecking my lips. I smiled as he lifted me up "Now lets go or we are going to be late".. We decided to take Liams, as he hated my car. I didnt think it was that bad, it was a green voltswagen beetle. I absolutely loved my car. I even named her Bessie. "Please let me buy you a new car". I laughed "No I love Bessie, she isnt going anywhere". He groaned and kept driving. We kept an idle conversation about random things as we pulled up to the restraunt. A valet came and drove the car to a the garage as we stood in the main lobby. I was began to feel sick, a million things running through me head, what if they didnt like me, what if they though I was to young, what if I say something stupid.. "Calm down, now you stay here, I will let them know I have someone I want them to meet, and you walk over in about five minutes, K?". I nodded, he chuckled and kissed my forehead walking off.


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