We had to write a collection of love poems. This is one of mine about my friend.(I'm a girl). I really like him. This when I found out he was dating someone


1. The Poem



I remember that day

That fateful day

My day had been going fine

But not for long

I was talking to my friend

We were heading to fourth period

I remembered something about him

And told her about it

That’s when she told me

That’s when I found out

I could feel the tears coming but I had to remain calm

Then the flashbacks came

Those good joyous memories

Of us sharing a laugh

During lunch

During our project

That we worked on together

I remembered

Did he?

I started realizing

How all the clues clicked together

How could I have been so oblivious?

So clueless

So darn dumb

There’s nothing to do now

It’s all over

It’s all done

Or is it?


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