Ginny's diary

Ginny's diary is a diary with loves, adventures, suspendeds etc.
(Of ginny) read it!����


1. My new school, Howarts

Hello, my diary I'm ginny 🎀 and today is 31/08 and tomorrow, I go to my new school! Wow!😊 I'm very happy.Today I go to Diagon Alley.



hello my diary I'm at home now and I have a want. A new want!!!!  Is very beautiful.Ok diary a need to sleep for tomorrow!!!

good bye!


hello diary is 1/09 aaaaaaaaaa!!!!! I am in the car waiting for my mum, and my brothers. We go to the train station! Ok bye!


H E L L O    M Y    D I A R Y   I am in the Howarts express!!!! I don't believe it.I am in the traaain!!! Wait...... I don't believe this  in this moment, HARRY POTTER is in front of ME!!! I I I don't believe it!

Dear diary , I'm in HOWARTS!!!!!! Do you believe it?!?!  WOW! I don't.bye the selection starts in a few minutes...

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