Tick tock

tick tock; at one point everything seems normal, then it all seems like science fiction.


1. 1st chapter

Chapter 1

I really enjoy maths especially algebra but I also love telling the time, that's the reason I really want to get a watch for my birthday. I know that's not what you'd expect a fourteen (almost fifteen) year old to want for there birthday but that's what I want.  

"I'm going shopping if you want to come and look at the watches with me? To get an idea of which one you'd like." mum suggested smiling her big stunning smile  

My mums very pretty and tall, but I'm small and not very pretty (although I'm taller than some people in my class) anyway my mum says I must of got these genes off my father because he's only 5ft 7 and my mums 6ft but she said my dad was handsome. I don't remember my dad because he died when I was 3 years old and when my sister was 7, I only remember things that mum has told me or what I make up from the pictures I see of him or even things I think are memories but might not be.  

"OK, if you can put up with me." I say jokingly   

"I'm sure I can babe." mum says laughing slightly  

Mum grabs her bag and her keys from the table and then opens the door. I follow mum outside, we walk to the car and mum unlocks it for us. I get in the passengers seat whilst mum goes round and puts her bag in the back. She then sits next to me an we set off. I haven't had a day out with mum for ages especially since she's got a new job as a journalist and she works really long hours. it must be so boring working in an office all day but mum seems to enjoy it.  

"I need to get Mrs obern some shopping as well, it's not much just some milk and bread." mum explained

"OK, what about Lara hartfield has she called you back to say she needed anything." I ask

"not yet, maybe you should call her now and ask her for me please." mum says passing me her phone  

Sherly obern and Lara hartfield are our neighbors and mum gets their shopping for them when she gets ours. We arrive at newboure town, it took 45 minutes but it seemed like it took less time than that somehow. although it took ages to find a parking space.

"Finally, I've found a parking space." mum said sounding relieved  

"Phew, where are we going first?" i ask curious   "the watch shop, if you'd like." mum says   

"OK, I can't remember the way." I say trying to remember   

"I'm sure I can remember." mum says smiling again   

We walk to the watch shop which is only about 20 or 30 minutes away, I follow mum most of the way until I remember where I am and go in front. We pass loads of shops I forgot were here and make a list of which ones I should go to another time or today.  

"is this it?" I ask mum pointing to a shop that has some watches in it but not many   

"no that's the small watch shop, I thought you might want to go to the bigger one round the corner." mum explains   

I never knew there was a new watch shop, in fact I haven't been to newboure for ages so I've forgotten where everything is and where the shops that I would like are.  

"here we are." mum says cheerfully  

I opened the door and the warm air filled my lungs, although it wasn't very cold outside it felt nice inside this shop.   

"hello." a women's voice said from somewhere near the back of the room

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