Best I Ever Had (finished!)

Louis Tomlinson one-shot I wrote based off my Harry Styles story, All I've Ever Wanted c: ♥


1. one/one

Perfect. It had to be absolutely perfect. It is mine and Nichole’s anniversary today, our two years to be exact. Just a few weeks ago, I went to the mall in search for the perfect gift to get Nichole for our anniversary. Harry came along and wanted to help me pick it out. We meandered our way in to Kay Jewelers to look around. That is when I saw it. It was the most perfect ring I have ever seen. I was thankful I had enough to buy it. Being in a world-wide famous boy band can do wonders.

I stare at the ring box I held in my hands. It was the shiniest most perfect engagement ring I have ever seen. I was planning on giving it to Nichole tonight since it is our two year anniversary and I wanted to take her out. I stood in front of the mirror as I finish buttoning my shirt and fixing my tie and finish it off with a jacket to go over it. It took me a while but I finally got it. I place the ring box with the shiny engagement ring into the front pocket of the cute jeans I wore.

I was close to leaving to pick up my beautiful girlfriend, Nichole. Tonight, I was going to take her out to a nice dinner and then to a park so we can watch the stars. My hair was styled up in a quiff; I looked good. I was pretty satisfied with my appearance before I make my way out of the bathroom so I could go over and grab my car keys and phone.

I was actually kind of nervous at the fact I was going to propose to Nichole, my girlfriend of two years. She is everything to me and I am so glad to have her by my side. I know she feels the same about me because if she didn’t, I knew we wouldn’t be together now. If she didn’t she would have left me by now. That was beside the point. I still couldn’t believe that in about an hour or two I will be proposing to her.

I grab hold of my phone and keys before I begin to make my way toward the door. After I walk out of my flat, I turn so I could lock the door. Once I make sure it was locked, I begin to make my way down to the lobby and out to the car lot so I could head over to pick Nichole up.

It takes me about ten minutes or so to get over to her house thanks to the stupid traffic. I park my car in front of her house before I turn the engine off and grab my keys before I get out and lock it. I walk around my car and begin to make my way up to her front door. After I knock on the door, I take a small step back while I wait. Next thing I know, I look up to see the door open. My mouth dropped to the floor as I looked up to see Nichole standing there in a red and white color block dress and red heels. Her blonde hair was curled and framed her face nicely.

“Hello beautiful,” I tell her as she walks out and greets me with a kiss.

“Hello handsome,” she says with a smile as she turns and pulls the door shut behind her. I wrap one of my arms around her and pull her close as I lead her to my car that was parked in front her house.

“Happy anniversary, babe,” I tell with a smile as I lean forward and place a kiss on her lips before opening the door and helping her inside. She smiles and gives me a small “thanks Lou and a happy anniversary” before I close the door and go around to the driver’s side and pull the door open.

I stick my keys in the ignition and start up the car before I begin to head for our destination. I reserved us a table at a really nice French cuisine that was expensive. I knew it was one of Nichole’s favorite since she has a knack for trying different kinds of foods all the time. I’m surprised I can even afford to take her there, but I guess that is one of the advantages of being famous so you can actually go there and have a good time.

We arrive at the restaurant, Le Gavroche, about fifteen minutes later. I glance on the clock that was on the radio. It was a few minutes before 7:30; we got here just in time for the reservation. After I park the car, I remove my key from the ignition and turn the engine off before getting out and slowly beginning to make my way over to Nichole’s side so I could help her out.

“Thanks babe,” she tells me with a smile as I help her out so she wouldn’t trip in her heels she wore.

“No problem,” I tell her with a smile as I give her a simple kiss on the lips before pulling her close to me as we begin to make our way up to the entrance of the restaurant. I open the door for her and she thanks me yet again. We walk inside and I go up to a podium where a girl stood taking names of customers who had to wait for a table.

“Name?” the girl asked, a fake smile on her face. She didn’t seem too enthused that she had to wait on customers. To me, she seemed like she didn’t want to be there at all. Hell, I didn’t blame her at all.

“Tomlinson, for uh, two,” I tell the girl who looks at a notebook in front of her before looking back up at me.

“Right this way,” she says turning to us with our menus in hand.

She leads us to a table in the back so we could have our privacy. I pull out the chair for Nichole and she takes a seat and smiles at my cheesiness as I go and take a seat across from her at the table. I think she got an idea of who I was because she gave me a flirty smile and told us our waiter or waitress will be back to take our orders in a few.

I reach forward and grab Nichole’s hand in mine and run the pads of my fingers across her knuckle as I stare at her. The dim lighting really brought out her blue eyes and made them sparkle. I smile as I stare at her, my beautiful girlfriend, who I was soon going to ask for her hand.

“Love you, Nichole,” I say as I lean forward and peck her lips.

“Love you too,” she replies as I look over to see a young girl standing there, who looked like she was Nichole’s age or a year younger.

“Hi, I’m Molly and I’m going to be taking care of you two tonight. What can I get you to drink?” she asked a bright smile on her face.

“Uh, I’ll have a water,” Nichole tells the girl who nods and turns toward me.

“And for you?” she asked looking at me, a smile on her lips.

“A beer if you can manage, thanks,” I tell the girl who jots it down with a pen onto a notepad she held in her hand.

“Alright, no problem, I’ll be back with your drinks then to take your orders,” she replies with a smile before turning and walking off leaving Nichole and I alone again, for a minute or two until we are interrupted yet again. I turn and look to see two teenage girls standing there.

“Y-you’re Louis Tomlinson. I’m a big fan of yours, would you mind signing this for me?” a girl with her hair in a braid asks holding out a napkin for me to sign. I give her a nod.

“Sure, love, what’s your name, babe?” I ask as I take the napkin from her along with a sharpie she had ready.

“Jennifer,” she says as I scribble a note plus my signature down on the white paper napkin. I even include a ‘thanks for the support’ and include my signature at the end. As I hand it back to her, she lets out a squeal of happiness. I chuckle with laughter as I give her a hug.

After a few minutes, our waitress came back with our drinks and we gave her our orders. While we wait for our food, we talk and laugh about a bunch of random things. Our food soon comes and we begin to eat our food. We sit and talk a little while after we finish eating before I pay the tab.

Now, we were on our way to the park so we can watch the stars. That is when I plan on asking her. It ran through my mind most of the night. I really hope she says yes! That is all I want to hear from her – yes – if she’ll be my soon-to-be wife and if she will marry me.

I park the car and get out before I head over to her side and help her out. After helping her out, I grab a blanket I kept in the back just in-case I needed it and draped it over my arm as I grab Nichole by the hand and lead her to a random spot on the grass. It was looking over the lake with a great view of Big Ben and the London Eye. The stars were shining brightly, it was perfect.

She helps me lay the blanket out on a spot in the grass before I grab hold of her hand and take a seat before pulling her down so she was beside me. She slips her heels off her feet and looks at me, a smile on her face.

“Happy anniversary baby,” she says as she pulls me close and leans up and gives me a kiss. I smile and say it back to her as I kiss her back. We pull away a few moments later. I pull her close and tighten my arms around her. She rests her head on my chest as we stare up at the sky, the stars shining brightly.

After a few minutes, I finally decide it was time. I was going to ask her. I take her hand in mine and get down on my knee as I look up at her, a smile on my lips. She smiles back at me and lets out a sigh as I look at her. I put my hand in my front pocket so I could fish for the ring box. I could feel my fingers tighten around the ring box as I begin to pull it from my pocket.

“Nichole Marie Evans,” I say with a sigh as I look at her, a smile on my lips before I open my mouth to speak again, “I love you with all my heart. You stole my heart two years ago and I’ve never been happier. I am so glad to have you in my life, babe. Truth being told, I have no idea where I’d be if I didn’t have you by my side. You keep me sane and keep me falling more and more in love with you. I want to spend every day with you and have you by my side through it all. You’re the best I’ve ever had, Nichole. I…what I’m trying to say is – will you marry me?” I finish and look up at the beautiful girl I stood before, down on one knee confessing my feelings for her. As I look at her, I pull open the ring box to reveal the sparkling engagement ring.

She doesn’t respond. She pulls me up and crashes her lips against mine in a much-needed kiss. I can’t help but chuckle at her action. “That a yes?” I mumble against her lips before pressing mine to her in a kiss.

“Yes,” she exclaims with a smile as we part from the kiss. As we pull away, I notice her eyes were filled with tears that were falling down her face. They weren’t sad tears; I knew they were happy tears. “Yes, Louis, I’d love to,” she says and laughs a bit as she moves her hand up to wipe her tears from her eyes. I smile widely as I pull her in to a tight embrace before slowly pull away and grab hold of her hand.

I take the ring from where it was in the box before I slip it on to her ring finger. She grins widely as she brings the ring in to her line of sight, the ring sparkling brightly. It fit her perfectly. I knew I had to thank Harry for going with me to help me pick it out. I was glad everything turned out perfectly, just like I thought it would.

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