You can't have it all

I have no idea what to do. Everything is so messed up, I don't even realise how deep I am into this. Some people would say don't let a boy ruin your friend ship ...but what if the boy was my everything and so is my best friend... But I can't have them both.


1. Everything was fine.

The sun was blinding my eyes as it shone through my plain old white curtains. It was just another school morning here in London , England. It was winter my favourite weather because it snowed and sometimes the snow just helped set the mood. I was doing my usual morning procedures  have a shower, get changed, eat breakfast, do my hair and( a small amount of) makeup, then walk to school. I walked down my wooden staircase seeing my mum just about to leave for work. "Morning Elie" said my mum as I engulfed her with a hug. "See you tomorrow morning" I said with a bummed expression. It just reminds me everyday that I'm the luckiest person in the world to have my mum, because ever since our dad left us the bills just seemed to come more and more and my mum has to work more shifts. she is a cake designer even though this job does not get her as much money as we need but at least she is doing what she loves. When I have time I sometimes go the bakery to help out and earn a bit more money but  everything my mum has been through she has always been there for me and  she Is my hero and I don't know what I would do without her. The cold air hits me as I walk outside and on my 10 minute journey to school. My best friend Lauren is also my hero she is there through my high and lows and she has been for 8 years now. She's like my sister. "ELIEEEEEEEE" Lauren comes squealing over to me as I walk through the gates of the front of the school. "Ello" I returned. "Come on we have to get to class!" Lauren says with a buzz. "Okay okay..calm down!" I chuckle and head up stairs to my class with Lauren  

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