An illusion of love


1. dream

The cold air pierced through her thin clothing, paying no heed to her chilled body as she sat on the bed motionlessly. Her hollow viridian orbs were focus on the blank white wall before her, as she pondered on the events that had happened not to long ago and yet so many things had changed, even her heart.

She clutched tightly on the bed sheets as she shifted her eyes towards the oak door, waiting patiently for him to arrive. It was almost the same routine and almost everyday he would open the door and looked at her with a blank expression, he would walked over her and kiss her soft and gentle that even she could not believe that the likes of him could even held that kind of feeling, even though they had kissed so many times.

It was only two months ago that the Akatsuki had captured her, for whatever reason she guess it might be to lure Sasuke or Naruto, for the kyuubi inside of him, the latter one would make more sense, after all they needed that kyuubi to gain more power.

Her stay at the Akatsuki wasn't memorable, being locked inside the dungeon for several weeks, the way they had torture her and pain with it. The scars on her skin shall forever remind her the sacrifices she made just to keep the information were her friend was at.

Just with in two months, the feeling she experience was far more worst then anything she had ever felt, wishing that it would never come to this and that is, she fell in love.

How it happened and why, maybe because of his mysteriousness, his handsome face, his sexy body, his cold demeanor, maybe it's the way his kisses, his gaze that always bore into her soul, maybe it was the way he is, even though he hardly speaks or shows emotions.

It was rare to see Itachi with emotions, maybe once or twice for the past two months, she caught a glimpse of the real him and that made her giddy and happy knowing that maybe someday she could break the wall that he had created around himself, but that was only a fantasy, she knew that maybe she was just imagining things and what she saw were lust that was etched on his face, he was just toying with her, he could probably care less if she died.

Just thinking about these things pains her to know that he was just using her and taking advantage of her love for him, he knew she loved him, it was always like this, he always knew things.

She wanted to escape reality that she wasn't really in love with Itachi, she tried escaping but it was all useless for he knew were she would always go. Even if she escaped were would she go? Her parents died from a mission two years ago, she got back with her bestfriend Ino but she died a year after her parents death and Naruto, she hadn't seen him for 3 long years now, he was still training with Jiraiya.

There was no one there for her and she knew that there was no one for her right here either.

The creaked of the door shook her out of her reverie as she stared at his silhouette

He walked closer towards her, making his face more visible. He stop at her front as he hovered over her and lowered his head towards her mouth, slowly he parted as he trailed butterfly kisses around her face towards the crook of her neck, he stopped when her heard her utter the words he guess she would ask anytime,

"Do you love me?"

"Love? That word is non existent" was his monotonous reply as he resumed his previous ministrations on her neck.

"Itachi-san can you promise me…" she trailed off, glancing into different direction, trying to avoid his gaze.

"I do not make promises, what is in it for me kunoichi?"

"I would give you whatever you want except the information of what you are looking for"

He stopped as he thought it over, he looked down towards her as he began to sat up

"I want what a women's most precious thing to give, I want your virginity," he simply stated as he watch her eyes widen in shock.

Nodding her head, she glanced back towards him, who seems to be waiting for her request

"I want you to kill me"

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