Bad Luck Bieber

Justin never thought this would happen to him. He loved his sister how could this happen? Justin was looking after his sister Jasmyn while his parents are on vacation. When they went to the park and Jasmyn went to the playground and never comes back. The kidnapper sends him notes and Justin travels all over the world to find her. Will he find her before his parents come back? Read to find out!


1. Jasmyn

"Jasmyn calm down they're only going to be gone for a year." Justin said as he hugged his sister Jasmyn."MOMMY AND DADDY ARE GOING ARE GOING TO BE GONE A WHOLE 365 DAYS?!" she screamed as she ran in circles." Jasmyn will you stop if I bring you to the park!""yes ill meet you in the car." she said as she walked to the car.

at the park . . . . . .


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