the other side of you

a one direction fain fic! read to find out!!!!!!


1. capther1


Hey guys im Amber Panye! I have cruled brown hair and light brown eyes and 18 years old. My brother Liam and I have been liveing on our owne every sents our parents left us....but thing have gotten better!Liam is now a a part of a boy band called One Direction. Ring Ring Rin.. Hey Liam! i said  whin i picked up the phone. " Hey Amber". What's up? " The boys and i are going out. want to come?  you can call up skyla and you can both go" liam said. Yeah! "ok we will be there in 1hr" ok. bye Amber. bye liam. Now time to call skyla! ( skyla is nialls sister) Ring Rin... Hey girl! hey sky! whats up? the boys want us to go to diner. ok! be right over! ok by sky. by amber! Ah skyla alway so happy just like her borther niall.  Skyla horan we are like sisters! sky has wave blond hair and sea blue eyes, she is always so happy. Ding dong Ding dong Ding dong Din... SKY USE YOUR FREKING HOUES KEY! I yelled form up stairs.  im in my room sky!  sky ran up stairs and opend my door. I was still in bed. AMBER ROSE PANY WHAT ARE YOU STILL DONIG IN BED!?!?!?! sky yelled at me. Umm... GET UP !! sky yelled draging me out of bed. Go take a shower and i will get you close sky said. Sky was  already she had on a light ble dress with heals abd her hair stratend with light make up on. 10 mins later i was out of the shower. i raped my towl around me and waled out. Sky handed me a light pink dress and heals. i put the dress on. Sky was in the middle of finshing up my hair when there was some one at the door. " Are you almost done" it sound like liam. Yeah almost! sky said. "ok" this time it sound like niall, then we herad foot steps walking away. There we are done! sky said. we got up and walked down to where the boys where.  the boys atoped talking and looked at us. "take a pic it will last long! sky said as we walked to to door.


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