Daddy Wont Realize Book 1


1. Prologue

    "Hey, Arriette" my friend Bonnie said, "Hottie alert. Wanna play T or D?" 

"I guess" I said. "I'm not supposed to be here", I replied.

    "Well, then. Here, have some Coke",  she insisted. I drunk the coke. "Wow.. Nice and smooth trick. Again, Bonnie". I said, boredly. "Can't you try something new?" I said. "Well, then." She sighed. "If you suppose," she said, "No more 'coke' for you, lady. Gotten into you already", she smirked and pulled me towards the T or D cirlce. I was next to Johnathan, the hottest boy in school, and, it was his turn! "Umm. Truth or Dare, Arriette" he said, smiling, knowing I was shy. "Um," I said. "Dare", I said after a long-long-long thought. Well, to me, long. "I Dare you, to," he said smirking. "Kiss the hottest boy or girl, if your you know in here, and take them to the closet for fun" he said winking. My eyes gazed at Bonnie as I felt a nurge to choke her. "What? He dared you to do that, not me" she laughed. "Um, I will "tap" their hand.. Lightly. " I said. "Only boys put your hands out, eyes closed, as I'm straight" I laughed. I moved to Johnathan, thinking. Should I pick him? What will happen in the closet? I tapped him and he smirked and we ran to the upstairs closet. We both smiled and started to kiss- his soft pink lips- we felt safe.

                                     Hour later

 "Someone go get Arriette" Caroline said, "Her and my boyfriend been gone for a while and i'm p**** off about that!" she said angrily. "I will," said Bonnie, "As I am always in her love life," Bonnie said laughing, running to the closet and knocked. "Oh uhh" "One minute" We both said. We walked out like a mouse and crept down stairs, but Bonnie stopped me. Not Johnathan, me. "What was happening"? She asked, mysteriously. "The dare. That's what happened," I jerked to the side to walk down more, but she jerked AGAIN, in front of me. "Well, that took an hour to do. Maybe something else happened" she said, walking off. I ran into Johnathan at the end of the stairs. "You know, Caroline's upset about it," he said. "Yeah, no dip Sherlock-" I said.  "Well, she dumped me for it. Oh well, she used me. Football jocks agreed about that- I even started that rumour" he laughed. I laughed as we met eye- gaze. "Oh dang!" I said. "What" Johnathan asked. "I got to go," I said "I'll give you a ride," he said and drove me home in a silent car ride, listening to Skrillex and One Direction. Was this a dream?

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