piercing in my heart

Sabrina shady was a normal vampire walking along a yellow line on the abandoned road till she gets hit by a car and is left on the side of the road find out what happens later on in the story .


1. road rash

                    Sabrina POV

 Why do i have to be a blood sucker ! i screamed as i was walking while kicking rocks on the abandoned road , BEEP BEEP! i herd behind me as i turned and saw head lights then i felt like i was flying and landed in the grass by the road  i started growing tired and felt anxious to get home  i started to hear strange voices then i blacked out .

Several days later

i woke up feeling warm and fresh when i looked up i saw several faces i think five and they seemed worried i asked them were i was and they said a hospital i shivered with the thought and felt judged when one finally spoke and tried to say  "hi my nam-" when he got cut off by the nurse who said "oh great your up , do you have any one to take care of you ?" i said "no " she said "we could always put you up for adoption " i said no,no please dont i just like to be alone " then one of the boys said " well take care of her "with a smirk


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