Thought I was Forgotten

Isn't it funny how they say love will always find a way? That cant possibly be true. Niall and Rebecca were best friends. Until the day when Niall decided to live his dream. He left for X-Factor right after the huge fight. Niall said he could never forget about the girl he loved, but he did. She thought she was forgotten.


29. Chapter 25

~Britney POV~

I woke up on the ground in the middle of the living room, with my head pounding. Rebecca was laying next to me. I got up and took some asprin. I just left Rebecca on the floor, she will eventualy wake up. I remember what happened last night until halfway through me and Rebeccas game of beer pong. Why the hell did i play that with her?!?! I grabbed my phone and i had a text from Zayn saying 'Im bored can i come over??' I texted back saying 'yupp'.

 I was cleaning up the house when he walked in. "Hey" I said smiling. "Hey" He answered back. When the house was clean i walked up to my bedroom. Zayn followed me and sprawled out on my bed. I checked my hermit crabs and they were dead. I scooped them up and walked over to my garbage can in my room. It was one where you step on the pedal and the lid opens. I stepped on the pedal. "Woah woah woah woooah what are you doing?" Zayn asked with surprise. "There dead" I said while putting them in the garbage can.

 "I want a turtle" I said. "Then get one" "But they are like $150"  "Then let me buy it" "No, you buy me everything, i think i will just get a job for like a week so i can get enough money to buy one" "So you are gonna get a job, keep it until you get $150 then quit?"  "Well im probably gonna have to work until i get like $300 so i can get a cage and food and stuff" "Can you please just let me buy it for you?" He asked getting off my bed and walking over to me."  "But you buy everything for me"   "Thats because i love you and im buying it for you so this dicussion is over" He said leaning down to kiss me. When we pulled away he asked "What kind of turtle do you want?" "I want a Russian tortise" "What are you gonna name it?" "Oscar" He nodded and laughed at my choice of a name.

 "So who was that girl Liam was talking to last night?" He asked. "Her names Paige. Me and Rebecca met her at the store last night" "So someone you just meet at the store you invite over for dinner?" "Yeah" I said. "what if she was a murderer?" "Paige...a murderer? Really Zayn? Really?" "Im just kidding" He said. I heard Say Somethin' by Austin Mahone coming from downstairs. Thats Rebeccas new ringtone so im guessing someone is calling her.


~Rebecca POV~

I was dreaming about eating ice cream while riding a gorrila when Austin Mahone appeared and started singing Say Somethin to me. I started fangilring because i am a MAJOR  Mahomie(This is a true fact). I woke up and realized it was just a dream and it was my phone going off that was singing. It was Niall.


N-You have a doctors appointment in an hour to get you cast of your foot

R-Shit i forgot

N-I know that is why i remembered for you

R-You are the bestest boyfriend ever

N-Im taking you to the doctor so be ready in 45

R-Otataytay(<<That is a real word by the way, well in my world it is)

We hung up and i went to take a shower. I side braided my hair and put on some shorts and a T-Shirt. I came downstairs and Niall was sitting on the couch. "Ready?" He asked. "Yeah" I said. "BRITNEY IM LEAVING BE BACK LATER" I yelled. I heard her yell back "OKAY" and me and Niall walked out the door. We got in the car and started driving. "Do you wanna hang out tonight? Like out of the house and away from everybody?" Niall asked. You know i could use some time away from everyone and just have some Nialler time. "Yeah i need me some alone time with my Nialler" I said. We got to the doctors and checked in. We sat and waited for about 5 minutes before a nurse came out and called my name. Me and Niall followed her to a scale.

"Please step on, and take your shoes off" I gave her a confused look. "No" i said plainly. "Rebecca just get on the scale" Niall said. I think the nurse was still in a bit of shock. "No i already know how much i weigh" I said back. "Its for your records in the computer" The nurse said. "I was here like 3 days ago im pretty sure my wieght hasnt changed" I was starting to get a little annoyed. "Okay then. Follow me this way" The nurse said turning around and walking down a hallway. We got to the room and the nurse said the doctor would be in as soon as possible. She shut the door on her way out.

Niall leaned back and put his head on the wall and started laughing. "what are you laughing at?" I asked. "You" He answered in between laughs. "What about me?"  "You refusing to get on the scale."  "Oh. It wasnt that funny" "Did you see the look on the nurses face?"  ''Oh yeah duuuuude that was priceless" I started to laugh with him. The doctor came in after 10 minutes of us waiting. "Are you here to get your cast off?" She asked. "Obviously i mean isnt that on your clipboard?" i said with sarcasm clear in my voice. "Well yes" She answered. "Then im pretty sure you didnt have to ask me that.'' i said. Niall was trying to hold in a laugh but it escaped and he covered it with a cough.

We got out of the doctors cast free at 2:00, my appointment was at 12:00 so we where in there for 2 hours. When we got back to my house Niall said he would leav me alone so i could get ready for tonight. I guess its sorta a date but not really. He told me to dress casually nothing special. I straightened my hair and bobby pinned my bangs back. I put on a pink and gray mid-sleeved shirt that had the number 74(<< If your a Mahomie you know what this number means...) on it. I put on some light jeans that have a cross with a rose on the back pockets. I put on some converse and went downstairs. Hailey and Britney were playing Xbox.

"Why do you look so nice?" Hailey asked. "Me and Niall are hanging out tonight" I answered. "Like a date?" Britney asked. "I dont know." I said shrugging my shoulders. I texted him.

R-Im Ready :)

N-Okay, do you have comfortable shoes on??

R-Yeahhhh i guess so...why??

N-We are gonna do alot of walking

R-Otayyyyy thats fine

N-Walking over to your house see you in a second

I didnt text back. "Bye guys" I said waving to Britney and Hailey. They both mumbled bye, they were to interested in the game. I walked outside right as Niall got to my house. He grabbed my hand and said "C'mon" "Where are we going anyway?" I asked. "To a festival they are having downtown. Do you remember the one they had every year in the summer that we would always go to" "Oh my gosh!! Yes!! I remember that was always the best part of summer" "I know" He asked. We walked to the festival, it wasnt to far away.


~Niall POV~

I knew Rebecca would be happy that i was taking her to the festival. I was planning on going with the boys but then Rebecca forgave me and we started dating. It goes on for a week and Rebecca always loved it. Today was the first day of the festival so all the food was fresh and we get first pick of all the things being sold. When we got there we were walking through all the forgien foods. "I wan to try that!" Rebecca said pointing to a stand that had a sign hanging from it that said 'Dutch'. It was some kind of Dutch pie and it was really good. We bought 4 of them, it seems like alot but with 5 boys and 3 girls it will be gone pretty soon. We started to walk through the jewelry stuff. There was tons of cool stuff. Rebecca seemed to be glued to every stand but she didnt find anything she wanted.

When we got to one stand she found a necklace that was silver necklace that had love written in cursive with dimonds. "Omg Niall look. Its so pretty" "Yeah it is" I said smiling at her. "I dont need it though. I cant afford it and plus i have enough necklaces" "are you sure?" I asked. "Yupp" We continued walking and we found someone who was giving away puppies. They were Chiwajawa/Pomeranian(<<I dont know how to spell either of those). They were so cute. Rebecca picked one up and he started licking her face. She started giggling. "Hes so cute" She said. She handed him to me and he snuggled up to my shirt and closed his eyes. "He likes you" The woman said. "How much is he?" Rebecca asked. "Hes $75" She looked at me then said "I'll take him" She dug in her purse. "Im gonna go to the ATM i will be right back"She started to leave but i said "I'll go, why dont you gather up all his stuff" "Okay" she said nodding.

I left but i wasnt going o the ATM. I was going to the jewlery stand that she saw that necklace at. I knew she secretly wanted it, i could tell just by the way she looked at it. I got there and the woman said "Are you back for the necklace?" I nodded. It cost $1000 dollars, the woman said it was made out of real dimonds and silver. I used my credit card because she took them. I also asked her to take $75 out so i can have cash for the puppy. I closed the box that the necklace was in and shoved it in my pocket. I went back to where Rebecca was. She had the puppy wrapped in a blacket and had a bag full of toys. I handed the woman the money and she said "Thank You"

(Thats the puppy Rebecca just got. Thats also my puppy in real life and a nice shot of my litte sisters butt) Me and Rebecca got ice cream on our way out of the festival and ate it on our way home. It was 9:30, wow time went by fast. We got to our street and i asked "So what are you gonna name him?" "Kujo" She answered(thats my puppys real name). We got to her house and i walked her inside. Hailey and Britney were in the living room. She put Kujo and all his stuff down and whispered to me "lets see how long it takes them to notice" Kujo ran over to Britney and crawled in her lap. "Hey buddy" She said petting him. She sat there playing the came until the round was over. She looked don then looked at me "Who the fuck is this?" She asked. "His name is Kujo. Rebecca and I got him." "Hes cute" Brit said. Hailey was petting him and talking to him like she would talk to a baby. "Hes sleeping with me tonight" Hailey said. "Fine i get him tomorrow then" Britney said.

 I stepped in front of Rebecca and put my hands on her waist. "You wanna spend the night at my house tonight?" "Hm...i dont know" "Oh c'mon" I said. "I guess" she said stepping up on her tippy toes to kiss me. "Oh my g" Hailey said. We pulled apart and laughed. "Im going with him so take care of him and goodnight" Rebecca said. We walked out the door and walked to my house. We went inside and all the boys were passed out in the living room. I took a picture and posted it on twitter saying 'Me and @Rebecca_Chapel walked in the house and see all the boys passed out in the living room :)' We walked up stairs to my bedroom. I think this is the perfect time to give ehr the necklace. I walked up to her and pulled out the box. She had her back to me so i put my arms around her waist and put the box in her hands.

She asked "Whats this?" "Just open it" She opened the box and gasped. She turned around and hugged me. "I knew you wanted it so i got it for you" I took the box from her hands and took out the necklace. I turned her around so her back was to me and i put the necklace on her. It was one of those perfect movie moments you know. She turned around and kissed me. I picked her up and layed her on my bed, not breaking the kiss. She smiled into the kiss as i put my hands on her hips. She moved her hands to my shirt lifted it over my head. I pullled back and asked "Are you sure?" She nodded. (Im sure you get the point of what happened after that....Rebecca and Niall had sex<<haha im sorry but i cant help but do a rapist face when i say this word hahaha)


A/N:Sorry if i dont update that much, i got school and i have this teacher who gave us homework on the 4th day of school, so yeahhhhh there is gonna be lots of homework this year which is poofacish so yupppppppp....googbye :)

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