Aja Nielson has just settled into Pursentin Private school for girls, but Pursentin is no normal academy. They teach teen girls how to hunt hyprid witches. But when the Bonn festival rolls around hyprid witches and tourists follow... leaving the Pursentin Private school for girls to stay on track with the creatures. As Aja and her friends track vampire, werewolf, and witchs, soon things get complicated... as famillar faces show up in Germany not looking the same as Aja left them. And as the part of the past threatens to ruin Aja's present, she soon realises the past is never far behind...


1. The first test

I don’t know what most private schools teach, but here at Pursentin Private School for girls they teach you how to hunt hybrid witches. The vampire, werewolf, witch combination.  I didn’t get in BAS, I didn’t past the first test, but my parents recommended Pursentin. I love Pursentin. It makes me feel protective and strong. They teach you a lot there even normal school work. We have a uniform yes but it’s not itchy or uncomfortable. Pursentin is one huge building and it’s in Germany. (But they teach in English) My names Ajalline Nielson, but people call me Aja. This is my story…

“No! No, no, it’s all wrong!” Professor Mallorone says shaking her head with disgust. I stop in the corridor. “What’s wrong Miss Mallorone?” I ask trying to be polite. “Oh Aja it’s the banner. We should take it down” I look up at the white banner, the red/purple letters are uneven and the poster says. ‘Pursentin Private school for woman.’ I’m offended no one calls us woman here; they like to believe were young and fierce. “Would you like me to take it down?” I ask with an idea forming in my head. Professor Mallorone put her arms over her chest. “Well yes but-“ I didn’t need another word, I mounted the rail above the steps. “Aja!” Professor Mallorone yelled but I didn’t hear. I kept my balance seedy, and pulled out my pocket knife out of my brown boots. Only boots were expectable in Pursentin. The knife glimmered in the sun from the windows up the Grand Stairs. I seemed to rock back and forth but with the training I had in P&E I would be fine. Professor Mallorone only watched me and smile creeping at her lips. I rocked a bit backwards and bent my knees then jumped. Knife in hand I reached the banner, only barely though right at the top and a jaggered line began to form as gravity pulled me down. Right at the perfect moment I started turning left I came close to the wall and inside of following the banner and landing on the steps and drove my foot into the wall and pushed ahead. I sailed through the air and landed with my knees bent in front of the stairs, the banner reached the ground behind me. Professor Mallorone let out a breath. “Bravo Aja!” my operations teacher called from higher above the steps. Mr.Kaiser said giving me a few claps. He looked at the banner and then pointed at me. “But I saw that” I put the knife into my pocket inside my boot. “No you didn’t” I said putting a finger to my lips. Then I heard our Headmistress Collier come out of her office, and I spoke like I was just in the middle of my sentence. “Oh Professor Mallorone! I am so sorry! My headband must’ve hooked in one of the strings on the banner! I’m so sorry it’s ruined” I said touching my metal criss-crossed headband. Headmistress Collier only looked at it, she remained calm. “That is fine Aja, I never liked it anyway” then she gave me a grin like she saw and heard everything which she probably did. I smiled. “Oh now run along Aja I’ll take care of this.” I turned with grace just like my Manners of Presentation teacher Miss Bailey taught me. As I head down the hall, I could have sworn I heard Mr.Kaiser say, “That girl has talent” But it could’ve been my ego catching up to me.

“Aja!” my best friend Alix Archer yelled coming out of our dorm room. “Yes?” I asked as she followed me back in. “We have our first assignment tomorrow. Mr. Kaiser’s taking us into town tonight.” I spun on my heel. “Tonight?” Alix threw up her hands. “Yes tonight!” Before I could comment my roommates Charlesetta Faustus and Else Janson came over. “We need to meet in the gym basement in an hour!” Char snapped at me, her dark blonde hair almost floating of her head. I shrugged. “Okay well I’m ready” Else with her wavy brown hair and piercing blue eyes burned into mine. “Regular clothes Aja! Regular clothes!” I looked around panicking; they were already in their regular clothes. “Here take these!” Alix said throwing me a pair of brown jeans. “He said to act casual.” I yanked them on and grabbed my loose pink and white striped shirt with the high v neck. “You’re my size right?” Char asked me throwing her dark purple converse to me. “Yeah” I breathed. Else picked up her crossbow. “Good then let’s go kill some hybrids”

An hour and a half later I sat in the Pursentin van with 5 of my sisters which were including Else, Char, and Alix. The only thing that was mine that I had on was my undergarments and my shirt. The socks: Else’s, the pants: Alix’s, the shoes: Else’s and the belt: Char’s. I guess it was good to have 550 sisters with the same size as you. “Were here” Mr.Kaiser said in a voice I haven’t heard before. He got out of the van, we followed but my legs were getting stiff and I wondered if I was going to bail on my first mission. “Line” Mr.Kaiser said because we weren’t fouling around. “What most of you should always remember when you’re in Pursentin is that it’s dangerous. You, we do things that are dangerous to protect- what Ms.Walker?” Mr.Kaiser turned to the bronde haired Carlene. “Innocent society” Mr.Kaiser doesn’t say if it’s right or wrong which means its right. “What does innocence mean- Mrs.Archer?” Alix doesn’t miss a beat. “Cluelessness, in the unknown” Are backs are straight and are chins held high, we’ve been trained for this, we had this. “Cluelessness leads to what Mrs.Best?” Maxine says clearly. “Danger: of being in the unknown” Mr.Kaiser doesn’t look at us just walks slowly down the line. “Another way to be in danger is what Mrs.Hauer?” Nadine with her curly locks says proudly. “Too informed: to know too much is another form, which is the exact opposite of cluelessness” Mr.Kaiser gives us a nod and that is all we have for praise. He looks up at us. “You will prowl the streets for 6 hours. That is all you get. You return with at least one hybrid, or work in a group, do not come back at all if you do not have a lead or a body. We leave without you if you have nothing. You fail and you join the second best trained hybrid hunters in the world, the Seconington School for training males and females. It is 2 hours away from here, you walk” Mr.Kaiser eyes us. “Any questions?” We pause, 6 hours. The night air hugs us it’s 10:13 which meant we’d start at 10:15 and in 6 hours it’d be 4:15. He put his hands behind he’s back. “I am deadly sorry if some of you don’t make it back but… we have no mercy because…” We all cores “Mercy’s for the weak” He nods and a little grin spreads across his face. “And we are not weak are we girls?” We all snap. “No sir” He pauses for effect my heart beating a mile a minute. “Go get em’ girls” He hisses into the air and we run.

Run. It is not instinct but reflex. With training it can be changed. Fright, fight, flight. The 3 fs of fear, but as I ran with my sisters, Else was shouting orders at me. “We track down a pack! 3 miles from here, I can hear em’ in the alley. 5 of em’, I come down the front, Char, you drop from the over head, Alix your coming with me, Aja bring up the rear alley.” We keep running. “Char!” Else snaps at her. “Different route! My trackers going nutty” And with that Char runs off. That’s all we need, a goal, a mission, one order. Alix is whispering in her ear pierce. “Char, listen I’ll whisper ‘go’ for you to drop land on one of them, get away from the mouth.” I knew that trick: get away from the mouth. Because though hybrid witches are witches 2/3 of them are the beasts, the werewolf and vampire. Common sense isn’t their first reaction. “Remember their eyes don’t go demon on you first hit their human!” I called, because exposer hurts more than pain. I keep running focusing on my breathing and my moving legs. After I while I begin to look around, I see Klaudia Kranz sweet talk a boy into coming in the woods with her, Carlene and Steffi Lange pull out their two long knives and sneak into a thin alley way, and I see Ursula Luther dragging a body behind her off in the shadows. My sisters were good. “Aja!” Alix whispers at me. I turn. We’ve reached a corner and Else points with her thumb around the building. The back entrance she’s saying. I pull out my silver glittering sword in the moonlight and tip toe away. Bonn was crawling with super naturals this time of year.  The Bonn festival was in a month. The uneven tiles grooved beneath my feet and I was happy I wore sneakers unlike Klaudia who wore high heel boots. But she was doing fine. She wasn’t taking down a pack. I pressed my back against the brick wall, turning my face into the shadows. I heard footsteps like a group of people were marching in a row. I closed my eyes and stood still. I didn’t even try to breath. I heard hisses and groans and then they walked right in front of me. The key to stay hidden is to know you have to hide. You cannot move, nor do anything that will draw attention to the eye that’s looking. That’s what I did; I stood still as I prayed Alix and Else were doing fine ahead. “Don’t move Aja” it was Christa in my earpiece. She was tracking the things that were marching in front of me. I tilt my head down. The street lamp was shinning on the line and I saw their shadows move with their own pace. They did not know this but two very brave very smart Pursentin girls were creeping up behind them, one with a gun another with a tranq gun. They were both wearing boots and skirts and I saw their legs of their shadows move. I froze. All the fear rushing into me. I shoved it away, trying to remain calm. Silence. The marching had stopped, they had heard something. Was it me? Or my sisters? Silence, like it was dangling above us. A long pause. Then a bang. One, bang bang, three. I counted the shots until the 10 beasts were gone. I let out my breath and moved on. I hoped over a block of cement as I arrived to the dirty part of the alley way. I crept around a corner and that’s when I saw them. The 5 beasts all lingering around a ripped door off its hinges. I gripped the corner of brick and looked up. There was Char, her two herb soaked knives ready for the kill. Her position was ready; she’d jump when she was told. Like a bomb about to explode. I couldn’t see Alix and Else. But they had the most dangerous job so I hoped I couldn’t spot them. Then I heard laughing, and I remembered this was a busy city. We weren’t alone. I shrunk into a crouching position, my eyes peering over the rock. “Let’s go this way!” a blonde girl said. The hybrids ducked shrinking into the door way. No! I almost shouted. That was our chance. The two innocent girls were about to walk right into a vampire nest. I saw their glowing eyes as they waited and I realised they were patient too. I looked behind me in panic. The girls were in an argument. “No! Oh Micky don’t be such a whimp it’s just an alley way” A death alley way you moron! I was ready to blow my cover. I slide my sword back in its case attached to my back and looked up. Char had spotted the girls and had dropped hiding on her stomach. Good girl. I looked back in panic again. Listen to Micky! Listen to Micky! I prayed to the blonde please let her listen. Then I saw something. One of my beautiful, smart, courageous sisters was talking to one of the street officers sitting in his car and pointing to the girls. I clicked on my earpiece and listened to Klaudia as once again she talked another victim into doing her business for her. “I heard bad rumors about that alleyway sir.” Klaudia said because she had finished her job and was helping someone else. “They won’t listen to me.” She looked sad, which she probably was, one of the innocent were about to get eaten and we liked our innocent in safety. “Please officer could you talk to them” He glanced up. I held my breath, my beat drumming in my ribcage. The car door opened and the officer stepped out. I felt a rush of relief as he walked over the teenage girls. “Not that way girls. Not safe in these alleyways” Micky the smart one eyed the officer checking for his badge. Smart kid. The blonde looked up. “I’ll give you a ride to where you need to go. With the festival going on we’ve got people from all over the place, it’s not safe here out at night.” Micky hugged her chest, in silence. “Where you going?” the blonde shared a look with her friend. “227 Reids Lane” he shrugged. “I’ll bring you girls home, and please try not to be out here alone late at night” Micky nodded. “I know better” The officer lead the girls to the car and drove off, he looked around for Klaudia the girl who WAS alone by herself, but she was long gone. The officer did some quick blinking probably thinking it was his imagination. Everything was quiet, and we waited for the right moment. The hybrids came out. “Darn I thought we’d get them” they said in German. “So much for that” another said coming out of the hole in the wall. “I guess we should get going” one said. They all emerged. I stood up slowly, blinking and concentrating on the right moment. They didn’t know we were here we had surprise on them. “In the middle of the next sentence” Alix said in my ear and I looked up once again, Char was ready, the hybrids were clueless, and then one said: “Wait do you guys-“ but that was our cue. I charged towards them. Char jumped and I saw Alix and Else pop out right beside them from a cellar with a small hole in it that I didn’t even realise was there. “Quiet and clean!” Char snapped slitting a throat of the hybrid she landed on. My sword was out and I ran for the one that was back on from me. “Gitte!” a male yells, the female turns but my sword is already in its chest. 2 down 3 to go. I yank it out and throw it behind me. I sensed something behind me. It drove it the guy’s shoulder. The irises turned into slits and I saw the girl crumble behind me. They heal soon. Char lit a match and threw it at the stomach of her attacker, it caught flame and made a screech of pain and fell. Char picked up the body of the slit throat one and used it as a base ball bat to hit the other offender. Else was on dagger duty and while Alix was in a fist fight with the last two, Char joined and I sprayed the herb poissoner into the air.  The hybrids fell, Else daggered the guy I hit in the shoulder and checked to see if Gitte was dead. I breathed heavily. Our odds were good. “Their good” Else said daggering the ones who had fell from the herb poissiner. I put the sprayer in a pooch in my belt and said. “Now the hard part… getting them back to Mr.Kaiser without getting caught” Else stood up and put the daggers away. “I’ll take two, for the first shift and will rotate the one extra body” I picked up Gitte. It only seemed right I carried her. Alix picked one up and Char did too. “Let’s go. I know a short cut” Char said and we followed her out the alley. “It’s 11:50” Alix said reading the clock on her watch. “Let’s dump these and go get us some extra credit” “Hey guys this way” Jana Simmon says popping up next to us caring a body of her own. “This is your 2nd trip isn’t it?” I asked, because she was the other girl with Christa who nailed all 10 marching hybrids. We followed Jana into the woods off the street. There was no one around, thank god. “Quick” Char hissed rushing ahead. When we reached the woods Jana said. “Actually this is my 4th. Klaudia helped us caring 2 bodies, Christa took 2, and we’ve got Ursula carrying another for us.” I smiled. “That was some risky stunt you guys pulled back there” Jana shrugged. “It was worth it.” Steffi came up behind us. “Hey Jana you want me to get the last one?” Jana looked relieved. “Yes please, how many did you get?” Steffi said. “1 and a half, Carlene got the other one.” I turned my head around. “You going back out?” Steffi was walking away and yelled. “Ah maybe!” We kept walking. “We might have time for more” I looked at Alix, but she shook her head. “You can that’s enough for me tonight, I’m just gonna help with the bodies” I shrugged, whatever. I don’t know what they’re talking about. I loved the rush, the running, the pausing, the killing I loved it all. When we reached the van, Mr.Kaiser came over. “Well done girls, pile them in the truck and get name tags from Mr.Solberg.” Mr.Solberg was our P&E teacher and was giving out white stickers and markers to write how many we got. We piled them in and I few minutes later when Steffi came with hers, we wrote our names on the bodies. The hybrids burn, yes they do. Do you stay burning? No. The flames go out when the body is dead leaving a burned body left behind. Most of us stayed back. No one really wanted to go back out, it was our first time. I hugged my chest and shivered. I hated waiting around. Who would come back? It was 3:35, when I decided. “I’m going back out” I announced. Everyone looked at me, but Mr.Kaiser didn’t look up from his clip board. “Your choice, you got 40 minutes” I took off the blanket Mr.Solberg gave me and put it inside the van. Mr.Kaiser said “Be back for 4:15” and I ran. Just like that, I ran away from safety, craving extra credit that no one had tried yet. I was the first one. I just ran.


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