Daughter Of The Designer

Kasey's mom has just lost her job. Kasey's mom needs a job to keep the house, buy food, etc. But when Kasey's mom finds a job, Kasey is so happy. she is even Happier when she finds out her mom's new job is the clothes designer of ONE DIRECTION! her favorite boy band.


33. Neala

Kasey's POV

i came back into the living room with liam and niall.

"hey niall do you want to go to the park like right now?" i laughed.

"sure babe- i mean Kasey." niall said.

"don't worry mate, your friends, not like your hitting on her, right?" liam said.

"erm, yeah." niall said.

"okay well, i'm going to change, because you know i'm a girl, and then we can go." i said.

"okay, well i'll be waiting here babe." niall said.

i walked upstairs. i saw Louis and El making out in the hall.

"get a room." i snapped.

i ran into my room.

who knew Louis would move on, i thought he said he wouldn't- Kasey stop thinking about Louis, you are with Liam, you like Liam remember?

i got into my pink sun dress and put my hair into a high bun. i went makeupless, and i put on my toms that the boys have gotten for me.

i walked downstairs and saw niall waiting there with a picknick basket.

"picknick?" i asked.

"yup, can't go without food." niall joked, well i think he was joking, i don't think niall jokes about his food.

i laughed.

we started walking to the park because it wasn't that far.

-Skip Walk.-

"wanna set up our picknick at the very top of the hill?" niall asked.

"sure." i said.

we walked to the top of the hill and we set up our picknick.

niall pulled out some leftovers from dinner last night. spaggetti and some garlic bread.

"yeah spaggeti!" i said,

niall picked up some spaggeti but a big wind hit and it flew right off his plastic fork.

i laughed.

"did that hit anything?" niall asked.

"or anyone!" i said.

we looked down the hill and saw a girl covered in spaggeti.

me and niall came running to her.

"oh my god were so sorry!" niall said.

"it's fine." the girl said flicking spaggetti off her.

"here come up to the top of our hill so we can go to our picknick basket so we can help you clean up!" i said.

"thanks." she said.

we walked back up the hill and sat down she cleaned spaggeti off herself.

"wait arn't you niall horen, and arn't you Kasey aurther?" she asked.

"yes i am." niall said.

"how do you know who i am?" i asked.

"well when you hangout with the biggest boyband in the world, people are going to talk about you." she said.

"what's your name?" niall asked.

"Neala." she said.

"nice to meet you Neala." i said.

"are you a directioner Neala?" i asked.

"yes, a big one!" she said.

"would you like to come meet the boys?" i asked.

"would i?!" she said.

"we live just around the corner so we can walk." niall said.

"thanks." she said.

"are you hear with anyone?" i asked.

"no i took a walk. i needed a brake." she said.

"from what?" niall asked as he cleaned up our picknick.

"well, i take swimming class and my coach kicked me off the team." she  said.

"why?" i asked.

"well she kicked us both off, i never got along with this girl Maya, she acts like she is to good for anyone, and i don't put up with stuff like that!" she said.

"i wish i had the courage to stand up to someone like that!" i said.

we walked back to our house.

-Skip Walk.-

"wow you guys live here?!" Neala asked.

"thats what i said when i first came here." i said.

"let's go inside!" niall said.

we walked inside.

"were home!" is said.

"have fun babe?" liam asked while hugging me.

"who's this and why is she have spaggeti all over her dress?" liam asked.

"long story short niall is no good with a fork." i laughed.

"what's your name?" liam asked.

"Neala." she said.

"nice to meet you Neala." liam said.


niall and liam did as told, louis came downstairs with El, and harry came out of the kitchen and sat down too. Zayn was already sitting on the couch.

"Everyone, this is Neala, me and niall just met her, so be nice!" i said.

"hi." neala said.

"hello." harry said getting up and kissing her hand.

"Harry! don't you have a girlfriend?!" El said.

"oh yeah,. her beauty just distracted me." harry said.

she blushed.

"tell us about yourself." zayn said.

"well, my name is Neala, which you know, i am 17 years old, i love UK football,and swimming, i am nice, but if you get me mad, i'm not afraid to stand up for myself, and as you can see i have Dirty Blonde hair and i have a brownish- green eyes, and i died the bottem of my hair brown and my favorite colour is baby blue, i live with my dad, all the time now, my mom lives with my little sitter and i have an older brother like 28 years old, and i am a directioner." she said.

"let's play truth or dare!" louis said.

"that was random.." zayn said.

"Neala, Truth or Dare?!" Louis asked.

"uhhh, truth." she said.

"who is your favorite in the band?" Louis asked.

"niall.." she said blushing.

niall's head poped up.

i elbowed Niall in the rib.

"your turn Neala." harry said.

"uhm okay... Zayn truth or Dare?" she asked.

"dare." zayn said.

"uhm, i dare you to... prank call Perrie." she said.

"uhm, i'm sorry but one, i deleted her number, and two, i really don't want to talkj to her ever again.." zayn said.

"okay then you pick truth." Neala said.

"okay?" zzayn said raising his right eye brow.

"is it true that.... you still like Kasey?!" she asked.

zayn looked at me.

"uhm.. well i did, now we are just great friends. nothing more, nothing less." zayn said.

"okay." Neala said.

"can i go can i go?!" Louis nagged.

"you just went." i said.

"yes well i have a good one!" he said.

"what is it?" i asked.

"uhmm.. i forgot.." louis said.

"thats okay boo-bear, i'll go." harry said.

"okay Hazza." louis said.

"uhm.. Neala... truth or dare?" harry asked.

"well i went with truth last time.. i'll pick dare." she said.

"i dare you to kiss niall." harry said.

she looked at niall. niall looked at her.

"uhm... well i don't have a boyfriend, and if niall's okay with it.." she said.

"uhm.. sure?!" niall said more like a question.

she walked over to niall. niall stood up.

they kissed and Neala sat back down and niall did too.

"was that your frist kiss?" liam asked.

"yes.." she said.

"harry! her first kiss was a dare thanks to you!" i said.

"uhm.. it's okay, i am a niall girl.." she said.

"you two should date." liam said.

"yes niall should date her." zayn said.

"does niall get a say in this?" niall said.

everyone laughed.

Neala's face went red.

"uhm Neala will you go out with me?" niall asked her.

"yes!" she said.

they hugged.

everyone 'awwwed' but louis. louis made a gagging noice.

"louis!" el said as she hit him playfully.

"sorry babe." he said kissing her.

everyone mimmicked Louis' gagging noice.

"hey!" louis said

"sorry boo-bear." harry said.

"i forgive you Hazza." louis smiled.

"Larry Styleson momment!" i said.

Neala laughed.

looks like she knew what Larry Styleson was.

a pigion came up too the window.

"KEVINNNNN!" louis said while getting up and running to the window.

"well, looks like Louis just left you for a pigion." i joked.

El made a pouty face.

"i'm sorry el!!" louis said running to her and picking her up bridal tyle.

he ran upstairs into the theatre with her.

"i think i'll go back to baking, it was nice meeting you Neala!" harrys said as he went back into the kitchen.

"and i think i'll go back to napping!" zayn said rinning upstairs.

me, liam,niall, and Neala laughed.

"here can i have your phone number so we cxan hangout again?" niall asked.

"me too wanna hangout again!" i said.

she gave us her phone number.

"well i gatta go. my mom wants me home in...... 5 minutes." she said.

"want me to drive you?" niall asked.

"no no, my house in litterly across the street. ironic huh?" she said. we looked out the window and saw the house she was pointing at.

"you live there?" liam asked.

it was a tiny little house.

"no no, that house is a rental. i live in NC. me and my father are here for 2 weeks to visit my cousin. he is in the hospital." she said.

"does that mean i can only date you for 2 weeks?" niall asked with puppy eyes.

"sorry niall, no matter how much i love it here, i can't stay most of my family and all my friends, well beside your guys, like in NC." she said.

"awww." niall said.

"sorry." she said.

"well we gatta hangout extra then!" i said.

"okay well i have to go." she said.

we all said are goodbyes and she left me, liam and niall sat down on the couch.

"sorry niall that she can only stay 2 weeks." liam said.

"it's okay... it's not your fault." niall said.

"well look on the bright side, we can look at it as she only has two weeks here, or we can look at it like we have 2 weeks to hangout with her!" liam said.

"yeah." niall said.

it was late at night so we all went to bed. all i could think about was poor niall.


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