Daughter Of The Designer

Kasey's mom has just lost her job. Kasey's mom needs a job to keep the house, buy food, etc. But when Kasey's mom finds a job, Kasey is so happy. she is even Happier when she finds out her mom's new job is the clothes designer of ONE DIRECTION! her favorite boy band.


1. About Kasey.

Hi, i'm Kasey. i live with my mom. i don't have a dad. well i did. he got into a car accident and didn't make it. i am 18 years old, and me and my mom are desprate for money. were not like on the street poor or anything. i wouldn't even call myself poo. we have money for our house and food and all that, but that's it. i want a car, i have to buy it.  we don't have the money for it. my best friend is named Lori, and her boyfriends name is Donnie. i hate Donnie. He is so full of himself. I'm not popular, and i wouldn't say i get bullied, but i get picked on from time to time. Unlike Lori, she is nothing like me. her family is rich and she is very pretty and on the cheer team. she coulc be popular if she wanted to, but she chooses to stick with me. that's why i love her, she stands up for me when people pick on me. anyways. i have dark brown hair that goes to my butt. it is wavy. sometimes it's dry. but whatever. i have blue eyes and small dimples. not enough to notice them. i have tons of frekles. i am skinny, but Lori is skinner. i am very short. one of the reasons i get picked on. i am in LOVE with the boyband One Direction. i am on my last year of hight school. I live in L.A. it's awesome because One Direction lives i'm going to say an hour away, but like i said, we have no money to go see them. the closest thing to me seeing them is i have seen Harry at the store, but he was so far away, it might not even have been him. Anyways, i should probably describe Lori for you. picture this; perfect, okay, okay, i'll really explain her, but she is perfect though. she has blonde hair that goes to her sholders and it is really straight. she has brown eyes. she is a little bit taller than me. Oh i forgot to say, i have no siblings. well that's me. Kasey Auther.

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