Revenge on YouTube - Phil Lester One-Shot

An AmazingPhil/Phil Lester one-shot


1. Revenge On YouTube

Instead of [Y/N] (As I hate that), the name will be Natalie


I click onto the homepage and notice that I have a few new subscription updates. I click the link and wait as the page loads. Instead of opening every single new video in a new tab, I skim through the list to see if there's any that I really want to watch right now. Then I spot one channel, LessAmazingPhil. It's my boyfriend's side channel and even though I'm not a video maker, I still want to support him so I click the link and wait for the video to load, not even taking a second to read the title. 

Once the dark grey bar has completely turned light grey, I press play and watch.

"Hey guys!" Phil greets. "As you may know, I have a girlfriend called Natalie. She doesn't have a YouTube channel even though I've asked her like a hundred times," Unfortunately, it's not even a lie. He asks me to make an account at least once a day. "And today, I thought up the best plan to get her to make an account. I want you guys to comment below at the end of this video, saying if you want Natalie to start up a channel. 

"But just now, I'm gonna show you some clips of Natalie. These are a mix of bloopers from a couple of mine and Dan's videos that she's been in, a few extra clips that I found when I snooped through a few of her laptop files," Phil raises his hand to the side of his mouth and whispers, "Don't tell her that, though." His voice returns to normal as he continues, "Plus a few sneaky clips I've found on my laptop that I'm pretty sure, she's never seen before. Anyway, he's the clips and remember to comment below." 

The video then changes to a scene in Phil's bedroom with Phil on the right and me on the left. I remember when we shot this. I was helping him do a Q&A by reading out questions. I then made up a couple of questions which were completely random and for usernames, I used old nicknames that I was given as a child, hoping he wouldn't recognise them. 

"If you were a panda, what would your name be?" Video-me asked, giving Phil a raised eyebrow look. "From NittyNatty." 

"What is your favourite tree? From LeeNat." 

"Where do you keep your socks? From Alligator." 

When Phil caught on, he laughed and said that he'd edit out all those questions which he did but now everyone can see it. The video then went on to show me and Phil randomly hanging out in a park, me acting like a complete lunatic. With video-me swinging as high as possible on a swing, shouting that I was about to fly away and join the birds above, with video-me spinning round and round and round on a round-a-bout, having the time of my life. The video continued, playing clip after clip of me acting like my crazy self showing videos of me failing at stuff, walking into stuff and looking insane.

But then it came to a video that I did not expect to see. It was a video of when I spent the night over at Phil and Dan's. Nothing happened. I was just staying over for a move marathon and was being too lazy to walk home at three in the morning so Phil leant me a shirt and a pair of joggers which I slept in. The video was taken early in the morning, before I'd even thought about waking. My mouth hung, half open. My eyes gently closed. I was spread out on the bed, the blanket came up to my chest but clearly showed my stretched out legs. Through the speakers, I could hear the light snores which I always hated when people told me that I snored. All in all, I would say that I look hideous, with my hair was frizzed from sleep and the small make-up, I'd worn the night before was slightly smudged around my eyes. 

But through the speakers, I heard Phil whisper in a soft voice. "So peaceful. So beautiful." Even though I was alone in my flat, I felt my cheeks tint pink.

The video then change once again, showing Phil back in his room. "Okay, so, please comment below and if we get enough comments, hopefully, we'll be able to get her on YouTube! Bye guys!" The video ends and I feel embarrassment pool in my stomach. 

He posted a video of me acting like a complete and utter idiot and loony toon for the whole world to see. 

Instead of thinking logically about thinking that I could just speak to Phil and get him to take it down, I decided to try and get some revenge. I sit and stare at the black screen of the finished video and think for a while until I get a light-bulb moment. I grab my phone and send a text to one of my best mates, asking him to come over tomorrow with his filming gear and his laptop. He agrees and I then decide to go to sleep so I can get up early to plan the revenge. 

The next morning, I text my mate asking him to come round as soon as possible which turns out to be only a few hours later. The doorbell rings and I jog to the door, peering through the peep-hole. I smile as I see Dan. I open the door and hug him.

"Great! You're here!" I exclaim, dragging him inside as he looks confused.

"You do know that you're dating Phil, right?" He asks. I nod.

"Course. I love Phil. But I need you to help me." Dan nods this time. "I'm guessing that you've seen Phil's side channel video about me?" He nods again. "Well, that's was extremely embarrassing and I want revenge for it."

Dan looks unsure. "Okay? But how does that include me?"

"Well, I thought of the perfect plan. You know how Phil can get a bit jealous sometimes?" A nod from Dan. "Well, I thought that all we have to do is set up the cameras and do a live show thingy that you YouTubers do and then invite Phil round."

"Okay, but how's is that revenge?"

I smirk and simply say, "You'll see." 


Two hours later, it's just after noon and Dan and I are fully ready for the plan. YouNow is loaded on Dan's laptop and facing the sofa where Dan's camera is also trained, filming. I've already filmed a small greeting that Dan will edit onto the actual revenge later. I texted Phil a while ago, asking him to pick up some MacDonald's for lunch.

Dan and I are sitting on the sofa, in position, waiting for Phil. We're 'snuggled' up. I'm leaning on Dan, ready to act half-asleep while a film plays in the background. Dan has his arm round me, under my chin as he watches the film that I'm not paying too much attention to. 

Then there's a knock on the door, followed by the door opening, cueing Phil. He never knocks anymore but it's not like I care much. 

"Natty?" Phil calls out. "Dan?" His footsteps come closer. "What's going on?" I hear Phil ask, he's obviously seen me and Dan acting all 'snuggly' while I'm half-asleep.

"Nothing, just watching a film." Dan replies so I can continue my sleeping act.

"While getting all cuddly with my girlfriend?"

"Relax, she was tired and she fell sleep on me." Dan smoothly lied. "Is it a problem?" 

"No, no. Not at all." I could hear that Phil was lying. 

"Okay, where's lunch then?" I felt Dan reach out beneath me and I heard the crinkle of the bag.

"Should you wake her?" 

"Nah, let her sleep. Besides, she's quite comfy." I could practically hear the smirk on Dan's face.

"Dan," Phil spoke, softly but still with a slight warning in his voice. 

"What? She is." He says. I then decide to step it up a notch and stir in my 'sleep' I roll over on top of Dan and wrap my arms around Dan's waist as I let a light, fake snore leave my mouth. Dan wraps an arm around me and I sigh.

"Okay, wake her up, Dan." Phil suddenly says.


"Wake her up. I can't take it." 

"Can't take what, Phil?"

"You getting all cuddly with my girlfriend." 

"It's not like I'm gonna try anything, is it?"

"No but..." Phil trails off.

"But what? Are you jealous?" 

Phil sighs. "Yes, alright? I'm jealous okay. You always get more girls than me and when I get the one that I truly love..." He trails off once again. "Look, I  just don't want to lose her." 

I can't take it anymore. "You won't." I say, pushing myself up. I stand up and walk over to Phil. I sit on his lap and kiss him lightly. "You're not going to lose me. Ever." I state. I hug him tightly and he hugs back, lighter.

"Were you awake that entire time?" I nod.

"Also, everyone watching YouNow has seen it." I point to Dan's laptop. "And it's also all been filmed using Dan's camera." I point to the camera. Phil looks confused.


"Revenge." I state casually.

"Revenge for what?"

"Posting that embarrassing video!"


"The one where there's a clip of you perving on me while I was asleep." I explain. 

"Oh, right. Well, it was the only way to get you to make a YouTube account by getting people to like you and to do that, I had to show them the real you." 

"Which meant perving on me?"

"It's not really perving, per say. More like filming the subconscious side of you." 

"Whatever." I say, pressing a kiss to his lips.

I hear the door close and I look up to see that Dan's disappeared. 

"Looks like we're alone." Phil says.

"Yep. Now pass me my food. I've barely eaten today." I say, taking my cheeseburger and taking a large, un-ladylike bite.

"Nice manners, Nat." 

"Shut up." I say through my mouthful. 

One thing's for sure. I will never ever ever leave my Phil. 

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