The state of Government

If you live in the UK, this is my opinion on the government at the moment


1. Government

What is the purpose of government?

Making money, or protecting the people it governs?

The current government has done many things right. It has developed the UK's green energy greatly, and conducted an effective foreign policy, especially in the case of Libya and the Falkland Islands. However, these are overshadowed greatly by the cuts.

Look closely at the effects of the cuts. Tuition fees - less students from a poorer background. Police cuts - people who can less afford security are more at risk. Counsel houses sold - higher rent for those who use them.

Now look at the effects of tax reform. Worst effected - middle classes. Least effected - wealthiest class.

These are not protecting the poor, who are the most affected by a problem that ultimately the rich created in 2008, and in the case of the tax changes, the class that ultimately was the most careful with their money was worst hit. Moreover, look a the lowering of bank interest and you see more change that hits money savers.

The Conservative government has lost touch with its purpose, to help the people it needs to help, not those who don't. It believes in a 'top-down' economic policy - where companies are given tax breaks in the hope that money will filter down to the bottom. The big corporations guzzle and the rest get the crumbs. Capitalism pursues profit, and the first to fall are expendable workers, who cannot stand a chance against the cheaper labour from China.

What there needs to be is a 'bottom-up' policy, that concentrates on helping the poor, helping them spend money, and ultimately helping the corporations.

Come 2015, we'll see what everyone else wants.

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