Dreamer's Reality

Alannah, or Chan-Ah as she is referred to as, suddenly moved to Seoul, South Korea. Suddenly she finds that Super Junior is now her closest friends here and that they would do anything for her. That is until their fans decide to intervene in their friendship and hurt her. What will happen to the strong bond that they have? Will Super Junior let her go for her to be safe or will they fight for her friendship? I guess the only way to find out is to read ;)


1. Oppa?

Laughter was all around me. Everyone was pointing and falling out of their seats at what they saw, while I was sitting in the corner of the room and wondering why I even let them into my house. Suddenly this guy with big brown eyes popped out of no where and began to squeeze the life out of me.

"Omo Chan-Ah! You were so cute~!!" 

"Let me go Sungmin! I'm not one of your pink bunnies that you hug to death!" I try to pry his arms off to no avail. By this time everyone else in the room was watching this as if it were TV or something.

"But of course you are~!! With your big brown eyes anyone could mistake you for my life sized bunny~!" Suddenly his eyes narrowed as he stared at me. "Did you just call me Sungmin?" I nod as a few of the other people start giggling like little school girls, the few who didn't gave off mock-fear looks.

"I didn't see why I had to call you something else when Sungmin is your name, and besides, I don't know any of you well enough yet to call you that one word." Then the guy started tearing up and his lower lip started to quiver. I knew that it was fake, but I somehow knew that he knew already that kind of action broke my heart.

"But I thought that I could be your Oppa now. I mean, you spend almost every evening with us and everything..." I frowned and surprising everyone in the room, including myself, I hugged him back.

"I'm sorry for hurting your feelings Sungmin Oppa." Silence filled the room for a few minutes and I began to wonder if I stepped off the edge of a very large cliff and I could never go back. That's when Sungmin picked me up and started twirling me around like a rag doll.

"Omo I can't believe you called me Oppa! I'm so happy right now!!" I giggled at his happiness until the others came around us.

"So why don't you call us oppa?" They all had their arms crossed over their chests and had cute pouty looks on their handsome faces. I am in so much trouble right now. Sungmin stopped twirling me around and set my feet on the ground.

"Uh... I don't really call guys oppa...I'm sorry." I started playing with my fingers as they continued staring at me. Fingers suddenly lifted my chin up and I ended up looking straight into the puppy eyes of Donghae.

"Are we not friends Chan-Ah?" Why do these guys keep on doing this to me?

"No no Donghae! That's not it all! It's just that where I'm from I didn't have anyone to call oppa and I thought that it would awkward since I don't normally use those honorifics." He nodded his head and then walked up to Sungmin, patting his shoulder.

"You're lucky Minnie Hyung." I frowned. Should I just call them all oppa, I thought. I have this strange feeling that they do this on purpose, but I hate seeing them like this.

"Are all of you guys wanting me to call you oppa?" Donghae turned back to me.

"Of course we do. You're our little dorky dongsaeng who we care about and we want to know that you care about us." 

"Of course I do, but I was afraid of making everything awkward..." Leeteuk walked up to me. Him being the oldest out of us all, he kind of acted like the father of us.

"Chan-Ah, calling us oppa would never make things awkward between us. In fact, it will make our bonds stronger than ever." He smiled at me, showing his cute little dimple. 

"Okay... So what are we going to do now Oppas?" Suddenly I was swarmed by 13 guys telling me how cute I looked when I said that. I laughed at their silliness and began to wonder how in the world I ended up befriending these guys. When they calmed down enough to let me go, Leeteuk looked at his watch and sighed. 

"I'm sorry to say this but it's about time we left. We have a busy schedule today and you all know how Prince Manager is when we're late for our appointments." All of the guys looked a little sad for a minute before they all hugged me again and walked back to their apartments. The only person left was Leeteuk. I knew that he was going to have one of his "Daddy" moments again before I went to bed myself. He went up to me, hugged me, and kissed the top of my head. 

"Good night Chan-Ah. Sleep well and stay healthy okay?" He started to walk out the door.

"Wait Oppa!" He turned around.

"What's wrong?" I took a deep breath.

"Is it okay if I call you Appa instead of Oppa? Ever since I moved here you always seemed to be more of like the father figure in my life. More so than my own dad..." I muttered the last part, but I guess that he heard it too. He gave me a small smile.

"Of course you can Chan-Ah. Oh yeah, by the way, you are allowed to hang out with us anytime you want. After all, they are your oppas while I am your Appa now." He winked at me and waved as he closed the door. On the inside I was super happy that I was able to get that off my shoulders, while on the outside I probably looked like I ran a marathon my face was so red. I started my way to my way to my room. It was on the far side of the four bedroom apartment, passed the kitchen and dining room area, the living room, and at the end of a dark hallway. Of course, the only reason why it's dark is because I'm the only one home. My parents take my 1 year younger siblings with them to random social gathering that they think I wouldn't want to go to. They're right, but they don't even bother asking me about it and I end up alone. That's the original reason of how I became friends with none other than Super Junior. You see, at first my family was offered a chance to do some charity work on the streets in Seoul, South Korea, but now my dad is supported by many of the companies around here to be a preacher at this huge church. My mom and dad didn't plan on staying here at first, but after a while they got used to the area and decided that this is where we were meant to be. I didn't mind staying here for a while, but then the pain of not seeing my friends and of not having any at that time took a toll of me. For about a month I was alone and no one knew how to talk to me because of how backwards I am. Then one day when I was here by myself, Leeteuk came over expecting to see my family. Instead he saw me watching Hachi alone and everything seemed to click inside his head. Ever since that day, he and the rest of Super Junior have become kind of like my special, overly protective, loving, brotherly family. Literally, Super Junior is an all boy-band who were like brothers in the first place. Now I guess I'm their little sister. Entering my room I inhaled the scent of Japanese cherry blossom and chocolate. Yeah, cherry blossoms are my favorite scent and there has to some form of chocolate in my room. Especially white chocolate bars. The walls in my room are painted light blue, the carpet is a funny off white color, and there is a whole bunch of random stuff hanging off the walls and laying on my desk. My book collection is sitting on Gothic black shelves on the wall across from my bed, my CDs are in a neon green box underneath my desk, and my desk itself is normal. A replica of the Death Note lays on top with multi-colored pens and colored pencils are in pencil holders at the top corner of the desk. Underneath of the desk there are two things, a box of CDs and a box of full of replicas from some of my favorite movies. For instance, I have the make-up to make Mary Shaw come to life, a miniature version of dead man's chest, and a rolled up map from The Goonies. Yeah, I'm a little normal on the weird side, if that even made any sense. As I got ready for bed I started to think about how I befriended Super Junior again. That night I fell asleep right as I thought up a legitimate answer. They simply thought that I needed a friend who cared.

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