The Diary of The Girl in Chains

I have been working at a sweatshop for NIKE since I was 10. 6 years later, I am still here. I am working my hands to the bone for 12 hours a day. Soon I will be sold into of into prostitution. Hopefully it will be a better start for me. I have heard though that sometimes, girls die form passed on diseases at the age 18. I hope that I will be able to live more of a life. My mother died of a disease at the age of 21. She was sold into prostitution at 16 like me, so what will happen to me, Rose Kaan?


1. 10th May, 2013, 6 am

10th May 2013,6 am

Hello. I am quite shocked that I have woken early to be able to write in my secret leather diary. I have to leave for work in 10 mins. Starting work at 6:10 am is a exceptionally late time to start work as far as the company that I work for is concerned. (NIKE). I work, sewing footballs together. It is mind-numbing. I work for 12 hours a day, and I earn $1 per day. It is a crappy price. Oh gosh, I have go, my clock says 6:09. Bye bye diary. I hope that I will be able to write again soon. Here comes Mr Browning. I have to go. Goodbye.

She walks though the doors of the sweat shop, a dark and dismal place. She sits down at her desk and gets her needle. She begins work.

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