The Geek Squad

It starts off like any other teen story. The fight between the un cool girl and the pretty and popular one.

Hate, jealousy, lying, faking, screaming, shouting....Murder.

Somehow everything just got a lot more real.


1. First day on campus

I will admit I'm not the coolest girl, but what I did today sure did get me noticed.

It was my first day at university and I was really looking forward to it. I was buzzing with excitement. Though as I was about to enter the school, I heard shouting. I ran back to a stall that was set up just on the edge of the path. I was trying to avoid all the extra curricular stuff because I really don't enjoy it. After school, when most girls would be at the coolest parties, I sit at home on my Xbox playing Tomb Raider and eating Macci D's(McDonalds).

So,anyways there was this blonde, popular, pretty girl shouting at this other girl. They were both wearing pastel mini dresses. The other girl seemed to be crying. Her make up streaked down her face. As I got closer thir conversation became audible.

" Look you lied and however much you cry, as the leader of the Pretty in Pink soriety, it is my job to teach you a lesson." Said the blonde.

" But the money........" Said the girl.

" We keep the money."

"Um, Excuse me." I say finally.

" Are you popular?" She asks me.

What kind of question was that? I was confused. What was she playing at.

" ARE YOU POPULAR!!!!!!!!???????" She seems to be getting annoyed with both me and the other girl.


"Have you ever been popular/"


"Well then, You can join this soriety."

I was temparily stunned about what had just happened, and as I stood there wih my mouth open the blonde turned her attention back to the other girl.

" What did she do."

"Oh" she said with sigh " so thats what you want to know, well I wouldn't usually tell you but since you are knew here you go."

And she told me everything.


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