Scars of our Hearts

Alex Tyson is a 17 year old girl who lived with her father. After her mother died when she was 14, her father hadn't accepted her mother's death so he takes up drugs and abuses Alex for the past 3 years. She has scars all over her body but never tells anyone else about this except her bestfriend, Mikaela. Discover what happens when she bumps into a world famous band member, Harry Styles.


1. Alex Tyson

Alex's P.O.V


I am Alex Tyson, I'm 17 and has long brown silky hair that feel freely on my back. I have rose red lips and pinkish cheeks that matched my crystal blue eyes. I was born in Holmes Chapel, Cheshire. I grew up with the tender love and care of my mother, who now was dead because of an accident three years ago.

My dad, Philip, hasn't taken my mother's death very well, so as a result, he takes up drugs and starts abusing and hurting me. Nobody in my family or relatives knows about this except my bestfriend, Mikaela. She was a big fan of One Direction and so was I. Everytime Mikaela sees that I am upset, she uses the band, to cheer me up and it works all the time.

I walked up to Mikaela at the park with a very down face. "Hey Alex" Mikaela yells. I didn't respond and kept my head ducked. As I reach up to where she is sitting, I put my head up and pulls up my sleeves and shows her a bruise that I got from my dad. She looks at me with a shocked expression and hugs me tight. As she hugged my, tears come streaming down my face. "Hey, hey, it's okay, I'm here for you, and you know that", she tells me. "I can't take it anymore Mikaela, he's way too much!", I respond. She pushed me away from the hug and lets me sit down on the bench. "Hey, One Directon is having a break from their tour and  are coming to their home towns. Meaning, Harry's gonna come here!", she says with joy. "Really?", I manage to give her a smile. "Yes really, Al! So come on and cheer up", she says to me. "Okay. Thanks Mikaela.", I say as I hug her.


Mikaela's P.O.V


I feel really sad for Alex. She's been through a lot. She needs a break from all this. As I sit beside her, I look on the phone and check on twitter and see's a tweet from Harry Styles:

@Harry_Styles: I'm excited to come home and spend time with @GemmaStyles and @AnneCox <3

I lock my phone and look at Alex's sad face and the bruise she had. I come up to her and tell her to go home. 



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