Say My Last Farewell

This is about a Filipina teenager who fell in love with the most unexpected person in the most unexpected time. Does that mean a bad ending or a good one? In the process, readers will encounter Filipino words where you can learn and understand through the little dictionary below each chapter to use as reference. This story is not connected in anyone in real life and scenario but if any story is related, it is a big coincidence. This story is inspired in common Filipino lifestyle in the past during colonization of foreigners in the Philippines. [Reference are provided to keep readers from getting confused] [Author might have messed up with the Philippine History timeline but other than that, the words in the reference are facts.]



IT’S HER birthday. Maria tried to listen to her fellows singing her a birthday song but she could only focus on the kid watching them from a branch of a mango tree in their garden. She couldn't quite digest about that stranger lurking in their area; nevertheless he seemed just a little older than her, more or less eight years old. His clothing bothers her, over sized camisa de chino on top with black loose cheap pants where mud finds its way upwards; perhaps he came from a lower class family and on his outlook with a match of a farmer’s hat, might be from a farmer’s family.

            Who is he? Maria Wondered. Without her parents' consent, she can't invite anyone into their mansion. Her parents were always the one to choose her friends and the people she'd be hanging out as to how they chose her visitors today. Hmmmp!

             Finally the birthday song came to its last word in the lyrics, her attention lifted back to the people watching with twinkling eyes eager for her to blow the candle as she put her palms together and closed her eyes to visualize her dreams and wishes. Maria blew the flame playing on top of the pink twisted candle placed on the center top of the four-layered-chocolate-cake and received cheers and claps. When the cake was sliced, each children were given their share, in groups or by two's they settled back to their chairs and eventually the not-so-long-ago-birthday-song was easily gotten over with that everything went back to the usual noise of children chattering and playing. 

            Maria was left standing with a slice of cake on her left hand and fork on her mouth as her taste buds explore the pleasure of the chocolate cake. She turned her head towards the same mango tree, but this time, no one was there. Definitely hoping this guy is not a threat, she wondered what brought him here. Although the mysterious guy is nowhere in sight, she can feel someone supervising her. 

            "Senora Maria, your parents just arrived and wants you to meet them in the sala." The waiter with an unfamiliar accent informed her as it interrupted her thoughts from wandering.

            "Okay, thanks" 

            She considered this but decided to stop by in their kitchen to get some cold water, hence, she have to turn the other way from the back door for a shortcut. She grabbed the sides of her pink toe-length gown and began to swirl and she twirled and hopped on her way. If someone had seen her in that condition, they would've thought she is insane. She giggled in joy.

            It happened so fast that it was a blur and Maria didn't notice a rock waiting to trip her. She staggered on her heels and the feeling of her ankles twist made her dizzy and fell to the ground, only this time, the ground wasn't  as harsh but instead it seems like it reach out to catch her. No. She was wrong, she wasn't on the ground. She was floating. No. She was wrong again. She wasn't floating either. It took her a while to discover the hands gripping her sides that made her realize someone just saved her. But she was fainting and words couldn't leave their way off her mouth. 

            Thanks. She thought. She attempted to open her mouth but nothing came but a voice of a boy saying, "Don’t worry." 

            Maria closed her eyes instead of trying hard and fails. There is something with this guy that she can’t figure out. He's lean and strong, but young and he smells like something connecting to farms, which is not really good. He smells. Whoops! But his voice, I would love to here that again. Maria heard a voice say in her mind. Ohh no, what did I just thought? 

             Later Maria fell to unconsciousness and was awaken by the the voices that but she refused to open her eyes and instead listened. 

            "Thank you, child," a woman said in fake gratitude and a little more of disgust. Her parents don’t want her hanging out with lower class men, how much more with this kid in rugged shirt?

            It was too mean for Maria's mom, Mrs. Karp to express her gratitude in that manner. Too mean for someone who just saved her child.

Footsteps started to depart and suddenly the door bang and silence filled the room. Despite this, Maria can still feel presence around her. Oh no. Maria can feel someone coming closer. Uh oh. Maria doesn’t believe in ghosts but she is sure she can feel someone closing their distance. Please no!

            “Happy Birthday,” someone whispered that Maria almost jumped but wasn’t enough to send her eyes opening.

            To her curiosity, Maria lifted her eyelids open and scanned the room of any living creature. But there was nothing.


            No ghosts in my day please.

            She could be wrong. She started to study the room for the second time, but there was nothing.

            Nothing at all.


            Goosebumps started their way from her arms through her neck. Her initial response from the mysterious voice is to run for the door and slowly she removed the sheets on top of her but she thought twice about pursuing and instead took a deep breath and stared outside, perhaps for a good view of the mountains for comfort.

            All at once Maria saw a figure of a child standing on her balcony. She blinked. He wasn’t just standing, he was looking at her. In her questioning look, the boy waved at her and smiled. He even laughed afterwards.

            Maria with her reflex unmoved stared to the kid. She couldn’t be wrong; he was the child on the mango tree and might be he was the one who whispered to her. But what was he doing in her balcony?

            He mouthed “Get well soon” to Maria but before she can respond, he turned and left.

            What if he was the one who saved her?

            Was he following her all along?

            Who was he?

            Uh oh. 



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