Not much to read this if u know what a necro is.


1. Necro

Come forth, I summon you

Raising those trapped in Hell

Black feathery figures floating above

I sit accompanied in candle light

Arms raised above my head

Envisioning pulling spirits

Bringing them back from the dead


Everyone deserves a second chance

To do good, turn fate around

I tried to give them one

But, they started to screech

In pain? In horror?

They flew in disheveled patterns

They were angry, terrified

To be back where they died

They started to charge

Right at me, they flew fast

Faces with black unseeing eyes

And mouths with tiny razors

They shrieked a horrible sound

I wasn’t scared, I didn’t wince

I commanded them to stay

With arms outstretched

Eyes flaming with power

As simple as that, instant silence

Just me and my army of dead

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