Save me

Me and my to best friends Cara and Anika are date the members of One Directhion in secoret. What happens when Paul finds out? Will he hurt us? Kidnap us from are loved ones? Or make us split apart? Read more to find out!!!! *13 year old to read* *cussing, Vilence, sex*


1. Who am I?

Hi, I'm Sara. I'm Niall Horans girlfriend. We meet 3 year ago at a party before he got all famouse. It's like now he's never around. Anyways back to me, I have light brown hair with blond high lights in it. It gose to my shoulders but I wish it was longer. I have light blue eyes like my mama, but she isn't with us anymore. My Mom got hit by a car and my dad, well I don't really call him my dad anymore after he started abuseing me. I have to admit I am kinda a slut. I'm still a vergin though. Thank god because I'm only 16.   

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