That day

That one day, Niall thought was perfect . Ellie an Irish girl with blue- green eyes and reddish brown hair. She was eighteen and I have never loved someone so much. She came to England to see me. I had to ask her an important question. Read to find out Niall's question!


1. Flashback

   Ellie's pov:

"I love you" I said. Niall just had a surprised look on his face. "What's wrong?" I said. My first love( Niall ) just stood there. " I love you too." He said . I have to ask you something" he said. Then, his mates had to have him go on the plane with them. "I have to go to England"he said. I stood there in shock. He was leaving me at my drab home in Ireland. I was going to find him, I said to my self. I will not forget him, I felt as though he was made for me and thAt I was made for him. I was only seventeen at that time and my " boyfriends" had only used me. He didn't do what the rest did. I remember he said something about the Xfactor, whatever that was. It all felt like a puzzle, trying to find him. I knew he liked food, but hat wold not help, so I kept thinking , he was in a small band with a few other lads . Maybe he wanted to leave for his band! I spent two years trying to find and get to him. I would do anything for him and nothing was going to get in the way of that. I had to find him.


*authors. Note*

hi I'm new at this, but I will have a contest to put a few people that would like to take part as a character in my book, so comment about a few charecteristics about yourself and I will choose winners. I need a girlfriend for all of 1D except Niall and a few friend for everyone and also I'm sorry about the short chapter.thanks for reading my book!!!

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