Just A Dream

Clover's life isn't exactly perfect; that's why she escapes into her dreams. But something's different this time. Dream world is being swallowed up by a mysterious cloud, that leaves nothing but misery and death. So often she has wanted to disappear, but she's not ready to give up just yet! She only knows one thing; If she doesn't wake up before that cloud takes over, she will never wake up again!


1. Another Day of Hell

Everyone has gotten bored at some point, haven’t they? Everyone hides from the real world in their dreams at some point, don’t they? But no one can control those dreams. Can they?

“Clover! Wake up!” Came the cold yell from downstairs.

I sighed and swung my legs out of bed, clinging desperately to the dream I had last night. The details had slipped through my fingers like water but a bit remained in my brain. It was something about a princess who escaped her castle and travelled the world.

I closed my eyes and tried to keep those little details in my head. When I was having a hard time, I imagined that it was all a dream and that when I went to sleep, I was actually waking up. Confusing dreams and reality is a pretty good antidepressant, although some people figured that antipsychotics would be better. They were jerks.

I pulled on my green t-shirt; it went perfectly with my light blue hair. Obviously I wasn’t born with blue hair, I dyed it last winter.

After eating a slice of toast I set off to school. They say that days spent at school are meant to be the best days of your life; they clearly haven’t ever been bullied.

Bullies are like birds of prey, like a kestrel or a falcon or something; they swoop down and pick on the little guys like me. It’s funny really, when you think about it, that they only pick on the smaller people; they never pick on someone their own size.

Before I knew it, I was back at the hell hole that I dreaded five mornings a week. The wrought iron gates made it look more like a prison than a school and the building itself was just a big grey square with a few little windows.

The classes themselves weren’t as bad as the other kids made them out to be, they only said that so they’d seem cool anyway. No, classes were alright; it was break and lunch. Social times were the worst as they were the only times the teachers didn’t care what you did. Drugs, bullying; everything that happened seemed to be invisible. If only it were.

So there I sat, once again, on the bench furthest away from the main playground and tried to relax.

Of course, my relaxation didn’t last long. Along came Rachel and her little group. They shot me filthy looks and insults that I really don’t want to repeat, if you get the idea. I may have looked calm, but inside I was dying.

When the last bell rang I grabbed my bag and bolted out of the classroom. I kept running until I was safely out of the school gates.

Why did everyone hate me so much? I had never done anything to them. Sometimes, I wondered why I hadn’t committed suicide long ago. I mean, it’s not like anyone would have been sad; most of them probably wouldn’t even realize I was gone.

I hurriedly pushed those thoughts from my mind as I walked through the front door of my house. It was only a small house, but I liked it.

I went to bed early that night, anything to get away from the nightmare that was my life. I felt myself slip out of my body and into the dream world; who was I going to be this time?

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