I think I love him...

Emma is just your average 19 year old girl. She's going off to college soon when she relieves bad news, but does she ever find out what it is?


1. Packing

Emma's P.O.V.


          I called out to my brother as I began to pack furniture into the moving truck. It was so heavy, and he was strong, so I needed someone's help. See, my dad had walked out on us when I was 7 and my mom had cancer. It was hard for her to even sit up in bed. It was hard but she always told me,"No matter how hard it gets, stay strong." I always thought about her words. It was hard to stay strong though. "What do you want Emma?" My brother exclaims. I snap back to reality and tell him I needed help. He comes in and begins to help me lift. 


Claire's P.O.V. 


              I get out of the shower and pick up my phone. It was Emma. "She probably needs help with packing" I say to myself. I answer and she tells me exactly what I was thinking. She was going off to college in London. It was hard for me to know that she would be gone, but she promised to Skype with me. I grab my keys, bag, and phone and walk out the door. When I get to her house, I see that her and Michael, her brother, are carrying her bedside table together. "Can you not just leave that here and buy a new one when you get to London?" I ask. "You know we can't afford that right now." She says matter-of-factly. I sigh and go inside to sit my stuff down and carry boxes. I grab one that looks like it is full of clothes. I drop it suddenly.  It must weigh about 90 pounds! I open it and look inside. It wasn't what I expected to see. It was all of the stuff her ex-boyfriend had ever given her. She walks in as I am staring down at it in disbelief. "What are you doing with all is this?" I practically shout. "It's nice stuff. I could us this one day." She says. I chuckle at what she says. The breakup was hard for her. I pick up the box with her help and we walk out the door. 


Michael's P.O.V. 


I shut the door to the truck just as I see the girls come out with another box. "Sorry girls, it's full," I say laughing at their struggle to hold it up. They drop it suddenly. I jump as it drops with a loud boom. They walk back inside looking pissed. "Oh well" I think to myself. I get in the truck and tell the driver where to go. 


Emma's P.O.V. 


                 It must've taken him 6 hours to get there, unload, and get back. It seemed like years. I put the last three boxes in the back of my car and say my goodbyes to my brother, Claire, and my mom. My dad had walked out on us when I was seven, so I didn't bother to take any pictures or memories of him. I hop in my car and drive to London. This was going to take a while. I turn on the radio and hear One Direction's "Moments" playing. I adored this song. It brought tears to my eyes as I was driving, I was thinking of all the things I would miss out on while I was gone off to college. 


Claire's P.O.V. 



             I watch as Emma's car goes down the road. I start crying because I will miss her so much. I hopped into my car and drive home. This was going to be terrible without her.  

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