Hoping for love

Karlie was waiting for a chance to finally fit in at her new school. After moving 4 times in 1 year and never fitting in she wants this time to be different. When first laying eyes on Liam she can't concentrate. What happens when he talks to her. Will she finally fit in or will everything he say just be a lie...


1. New School

     "Karlie, wake up. It's your first day of school and your already late!" My mom yelled from the other side of my closed door. I got up knowing I would have to eventually. I dragged myself to my closet and looked for something that would help me blend in. 

       First I pulled out a gray sweatshirt and as fast as I could, throw it on the floor just missing the trash. I kept pulling out clothes that I wish I didn't have. I finally pulled out a decent black shirt with silver stripes. I grabbed a pair of Osiris's and some pre-ripped skinny jeans. I threw them on and barely had anytime to do my makeup. I put mascara and eyeliner on. Then I put on some eye shadow. It looked good enough to leave with. I looked at myself one more time then ran downstairs to grab a Pop Tart. 


I opened the doors to my new school and walked up to the secretary's desk. She wasn't paying attention to anything but her laptop and didn't notice me until 5 minutes went by. 

     When she finally looked up, she gave me a confused look. "Name?" She said looking back at her laptop. "Karlie Smith" I replied looking around her office. "Ahh. New student. Just moved here from....?" She asked me. Just then I realized she had a name tag on. It said 'Jo Brown'. I could tell she was staring at me questioningly. I stared at her. After staring at each other for a good 2 minutes I finally say "What?!?" This must've scared her because she almost fell of her chair. "Where are you from?" Se asked looking really annoyed. "Oh the last place I lived was.. I don't even know. I move all the time. Can't you just look it up or something." I smile after I say this which causes her to give me that look again. Jo sighs and types on her laptop some more. "Here's your schedule. Your first class is English with Mr. Hill." Jo hands me a piece of paper and points to a door across the hall. 


That class seemed to last forever. Maybe it was just because I didn't know what we were learning or who anyone was. But I seemed to stay unnoticed for the whole class without getting called on. 

      When it was time for lunch I looked back at the paper to find my locker number written on the top. I walked down the long hallway looking at each locker's number. Finally locker 248. I opened it and threw my stuff inside of it. 

       I was walking down the hall remembering all my old schools when some guy walks right into me knocking everything I was holding on the floor. When I reached down to pick everything up he said "I am so sorry." I looked up at him and smiled. I was kinda annoyed and aggravated but when he bent down to help me pick my things up I decided to forgive him. "My name's Liam. Liam Payne." He said. "Karlie Smith" I say. He reaches his hand out and I shake it. He smiles and walks with me to lunch. I have to admit. He was really attractive but I just met him like 5 minutes ago. 

       He lead me to a table with 4 other boys sitting there. Liam sat down and I just stood there not knowing what to do. Finally a boy with curly brown hair said "Liam, wanna introduce us to your new friend?" Luckily Liam realized his mistake and stood up. "This is Karlie. She's new here. So be nice and don't annoy her like you annoy me." He said with a smirk and sat back down. He moved over making room for me to sit down. While I ate, everyone at the table except for Liam just sat there. Staring at me. I didn't want to look up because that would cause everything to be even more awkward.

        After lunch the curly haired boy ran up to me and grabbed my schedule. "You have Geometry next?!?"

he yelled, loud enough that everyone in the hallway at the time turned to look at us. "Yea. Why?" I asked. "I do too!" He said loud again. "Wanna walk together?" He asked. I knew I had no choice so I nodded and we began walking.  

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