hogwarts students

hogwats students go to a world that they have never been before to, Cat Kingdom (a place where "CATS" live in peace .) Cat Kingdom was a huge castle


4. The Cat Secret

''WE ARE GOOD HUMANS'' Luna screamed. All the cats froze  ''Good humans?,-What?'' "You heard me ,we're good humans .''''.Why should we trust you?" The leader sneered. "I have a cat,and- " Hermione began.Before she could say anything else, Crookshanks ran in. "Hermione,"      "YOU CAN TALK?!???!" Hermione screamed.  "Yes of course I can talk-"    "Oh my," Luna said. "That is why we don't like humans, we are afraid that they will tell everyone that we can talk!" The leader explained. "I have a good idea,said Hermione,We can do the Unbreakable Vow that we won't tell.Deal?"  " Yes,deal."  And they shook hands/paws.

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