I wont give up

Ella is the daughter of the worlds biggest music manger, William Johnson and the pop star model Liz Johnson! because her parents are so famous she's been neglected by them and lived her whole life with revolving nanny's, each one lasting no more than a year. she only has one real best friend named Samantha who she meets through both of their famous fathers. getting their amazing star looks from their mothers Ella and Sam both become Victoria's Secret Angels. But after one show can 5 famous boys change their lives forever? and if so, is it for the better or the worse?


1. What's your name again?

Chapter 1

I woke up to the sounds of New York’s busy street noise. I rolled over not recognising the guy’s face beside me. I glanced at the clock, 9:57,

 “SHIT” I yell scaring the guy snoring loudly next to me.

 Brandon? Was that his name? I throw off the covers and grab my clothes from last night and run to change in the bathroom.  I glance in the mirror and the first thing I notice are my eyes, instead of being blue with green flecks they turned gray which only happened when I smoked. I sigh and to try to calm my long blonde locks but it’s no use it looks like tumbleweed.  Before I exit the bathroom a scan my brain to see if I can remember what happened last night.


As per my usual night I had walked to the night club down the street from my penthouse with a group of fans in tow. I had walked to the night club’s bar to get a drink when I ran into Brandon, or Randy or whatever the hell his name is. We talked for a bit and I shot down martinis as if they were the only thing keeping me alive as he kept persuading me to go home with him and smoke, and that’s exactly what we did but a bit more…

**end of flashback**

  I splash my face with water just knowing that my boss is going to kill me I’m already late then I most likely won’t escape this house without getting one photo taken of me. I hope somebody up in heaven loves me because I might end up visiting them. I walked out to see “whatever the fuck his name is” laying on the bed lighting another joint

“Ready for round two babe?” he says winking while taking a big hit. I rolled my eyes grabbed my phone and purse then walked out. Leaving I could hear him yell

“Where you going, Ella, I’m over here!” I roll my eyes and keep going hailing a cab.  Three cabs screeching to a stop at the wave of my hand. I sigh and get into the closest one

“The Johnson Apartment complex please” I say looking to see if I even have any money to pay.

“sure thing sweet cheeks” says the Dolly Parton looking driver with a thick southern accent, pulling away from the curb into traffic.

“Sorry to bother you hun but are you Ella Johnson?”She asks with a bunch of hope in her eyes

“Yep, that’s me. Daughter of William and Lisa Johnson, worlds biggest music couple” I say my smile falling a bit. Yea I'm famous butafter my grandfather died 6 years ago all I’ve had is nanny after nanny really all I crave most is to be loved by my parents, for them to actually come home and stay for longer than a week, for them to feel a bit of sadness when they leave. On top of that lately they haven’t even come home they just call every 6 months saying “oh Ellie bear I miss you so much but can’t come home until this deal goes through so I won’t be home for another 2 weeks” and “oh there was another deal so I have to go to Peru to get it through” I don’t even know where they are right now.  A high pitched squeal interrupted my thoughts

“OH MY SWEET BABY JESUS I AM SUCH A FAN OF YOUR PARENTS!!! And you too of course!! Is there any chance you could sign this!! It would mean the world to me” She says shaking and passing back a pad of paper, smiling from ear to ear.

I laughed quietly and scribbled my signature down passing it back to her as we were approaching the complex.

“Oh my I have to call my momma and tell her I met ya’ll today! She’s a big fan too!!” I giggle at how bubbly and exited she is. I hand her the money and hop out of the cab when I hear her yell over traffic noise

“Hun?” I spin around a fake smile plastered on my face. I really just wanted to get in my apartment and take a nice bath.


“I heard a rumor that y’all is gonna be in that Victoria’s secret angel show with the One Direction… is that true?” she asks poking her head out her window lip gloss shining against the afternoon sun

“Yep it’s true!” I say spinning on my heel and striding into my buliding

“if I'm not fired anyways” I mumble

“Tony!” I yell. His head snaps up

“Oh welcome home Ms-”

“Tell Cathy to get a mint bath ready” I say as I walk into the elevator

“Yes Ms Johnson” Tony mumbles as the door shuts. Home Sweet Home…

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