How they got away

Blair and Kendall are sisters...but when kendall starts dating zayn from 1D everything changes for both of them.but then Kendall and zayn disappear
Blair and the other boys have to find them


1. wait what.

hello!um well my name is cami and im 17.i really dont know wat else to say so lets go on with the strory

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------'hey zayn wats up'

'hey cam.wanna get some pizza.'

' oh ya zayn lets go '

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------'ok well their closed.whatcha wanna do.'

'zayn i gotta go sorry.'

i kissed him goodbye

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------i put in the code before the alram wnt off.

'KIMMIE!ARE YA HOME!'i yelled to my little sister

she ran down the satirs

'um hi.'

'WHAT ARE YOU DONG HOME ALONE!'i screamed at her.

----------------------------------------------------------------------zayns point of veiw

'hey honay!can ya sign-'

'mailek.*sighs*zayn im afraid this will be the last soccer ball you ever get.'

'but mr.honay what'da mean'my eyes were getting teary

breath zayn.

----------------------------------------------------------------------honays pont of veiw

'ZAYN GET UP!'zayn fainted he was out cold i could tell

--------------------------------------my gosh sorry its so short!

its 12:13 [ i live in the u.k.]well lave ya my precious jewls

sorry about how i spelled the words rong1


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