Over Again


Bethany has moved to America to get away from the boys but little does she know they will be around a lot more than she hoped.


1. After the meet and Greet ...

I took a deep breath before leaving the bathrooms. I couldn't control my blushing. I kept my head down until I left the mall. I glared down at the expensive ring. I can't believe I'm going to become the new Mrs Horan. I walked over to my car and looked for my keys.. RACHEL ! How could I forget my best friend. I groaned and pulled out my phone. I tried her number six or seven times. I then decided to phone Harry.

"Damn" I cursed. It went straight to voice mail. I put my head back down and ran into the mall. There was many fans screaming my name. I saw a girl about the age of five smiling at me. I waved at her then put my head down  I ran towards Paul who was standing against a metal door.

"Paul where's the boys ?" I said out of breath i really shouldn't run!!!

"In the back Miss Lyon" He said formally.

"Its Bethany" I laughed..

"I'd feel more comfortable to call you Miss Lyon" He said with a timid smile.

"Okay can I go through ?" I smiled.

"Yes miss your on the list" he said letting me though the door. I walked down a large corridor. I heard giggling.

"Oh Amelia" I heard a male say. I just ignored it. It was none of my business.

"Hmmm ... What would you like me to do Mr Horan" The girl purred. Okay now it was my business. How could he !! I began to walk faster until I reached the door. I took a deep breath before opening the door. I couldn't believe my eyes. I saw Niall sitting with a girl straddling him grinding on him not even realizing that I was there. I cleared my throat. Harry looked up and saw me there. His eyes widened and his mouth hung open slightly.

"Bethany" He gasped.

"No harry"I whispered stepping back. It still hadn't sunk in yet.

"Baby please" Tears were visible in his eyes.

"Niall you cheated on me with her !" I yelled. He blanched. I looked over at Amelia. She was very pretty. She was a bottle blonde with light blue eyes and was skinny and didn't have a blemish on her face. I automatically envied her. I tutted at her choice of clothing. I knew she was a slut but she didn't have to dress like one.

"Bethany please" Niall begged.

"No Niall I'm done!" I said taking the ring off and throwing it at him. He dodged it and then picked it up from the floor. I ran up the hall looking for a bathroom.

"Whoa Bethany what's up ?" I turned around to see Niall.

"Harry cheated on me" I sobbed. Harry pulled me into his arms.

"Who told you ?" He said rubbing my back.

"I saw - them" I said sobbing even more. Harry lifted me up bridal style and led me through to what I thought was the green room. He sit me down on a couch and just let's me sob into him.

"Its gonna be okay" he said trying to comfort me.

"No its not" I cry even more.

"So yea- whoa Bethany" I looked up to see Rachel. I smiled weakly.

"Anyone I need to beat up" Liam joked.

"Harry" I cry even more at the sound of his name.

"Come on Bethany Mr Tomlinson can cheer you up" I laugh weakly drying my tears.

"What's went on here ?" Niall said avoiding eye contact with me.

"You know what" Harry growled.

"Don't make this about me boys you have a signing to finish and a concert tonight" I said smiling.

"Will you come ?" Harry said blushing.

"What ?" I laughed.

"Will you come to the concert ?"Harry smiled at me.

"Bethany I don't think that's the proper place for you at the moment" Rachel said sounding concerned.

"She'll be fine" Harry said looking at me.

"What about Darcy ?" She said. I knew her well enough to know she was just looking for an excuse.

"What if yous watch it from back stage" Zayn suggested.

"I'd let her do that" Rachel nodded.

"Bethany can I talk to you outside for a moment" Rachel said walking out the door.

"You can't go to a gig" She hissed.

"Why not" I pouted.

"Because you are four months pregnant" She whispered.

"Is she ?" I heard a voice say.

"Oh shit !" I said looking over at where the voice came from. Amelia.

"I'm sure harry would love to know" She smirked.

"Go ahead" I sneered before walking in the door. Amelia and Rachel followed.

"Bethanys got something she wants to tell yous" Amelia smirked.

"Hmm no I don't" I laughed.

"Oh really" She smiled slightly.

"Yeah ?" I laughed even more.

"Nothing like that your pregnant". Niall looked straight at me . Wait no everyone looked straight at me. So I take the easy option and I ran.

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